This Middle School Coach Is Helping Parents and Teachers Connect

It is crucial to establish a relationship between teachers and parents, particularly when the child is at middle school. The adolescence phase is when teenagers and tweens are more enthusiastic about exploring and adventure. Children spend more time with teachers at school than with us. Because of this, in order for parents to help support their children, parents must build a partnership with their kids’ teachers. You can send them an email to ask them questions about their children’s school performance academically and socially. This will help you to build a relationship that will allow both to support your child.

When it comes to academics, it’s really difficult to relate with our kids because basically, parents don’t completely understand what is being taught to their kids at school or the way subjects are being taught nowadays. A strategic coach in life can assist parents with how to handle this situation. 

Erin Hansen is who?

Erin Hansen has a reputation as a great life coach. Because she is a nationally recognized professional with 25 years experience, you can trust her expertise. As a coach, she specializes in providing guidance for parents struggling to raise their middle-school children. In order to live harmoniously with your family, it is important that you have open communication. Parents must understand their children’s wants and needs, while children should also be able to communicate with their parents. 

Erin has a unique coaching style. Her coaching approach is different. She does not only teach or coach, she interacts with her family and builds relationships. She asks strategic questions to learn about the past of each family member and what may have caused them problems. Erin’s work requires open communication with parents. For Erin to be able to connect with children, and help them live harmoniously, they must have complete trust. 

Education Support for Children

Parents and teachers play a crucial role in the education of their child. There are basically three players involved in the child’s education; the child, the parent, and the teacher. Learning and remembering information is up to the child. Parents can also get information from them. The teachers will act as guardians in the school and focus on teaching them academic excellence while the parents will help the kids at home if they’re having trouble studying or with organizational skills. It is not necessary for the parent to understand their kids’ lessons but they can help them articulate a question for their homework rather than leaving it blank, that way, the teacher will appreciate it more because they will realize the child is attempting to collaborate with them. 

This connection between the parent and their kids’ teachers is a big factor in building the child’s confidence at school. Teaching them to manage different life stages is what matters the most. Because they have found their passion and are able to thrive in the field they choose, academics will be their next step. 

Erin Hansen is available for contact via her LinkedInAnd Twitter Account.