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A lot has changed in regard to the prices of various crypto assets throughout 2021, as today’s top crypto assets look a lot different than they did 12 months ago. Additionally, the top 10 most expensive coins and most highly valued crypto assets have changed. Here’s a listing of the top 10 most costly crypto assets for 2022 in US dollars per unit.

Here are the top ten most expensive crypto assets in 2022

As of today, the four top most costly digital currencies in the world are currently worth five-digits more than the U.S. dollars. The price for bitcoin (BTC), which is approximately $38K per unit (WBTC), and Huobi BTC(HBTC) are three of the most valuable crypto assets.

Of course, HBTC and WBTC are tokenized forms of bitcoin, which means — give or take a few percentages — they are all roughly the same price per token. The token yearn financing (YFI) is fourth in price, and is 5-digits high in USD.

These Are the Crypto Economy's 10 Most Expensive Assets per Unit in 2022
These are the top five most valuable crypto assets as of January 21st, 2022. At 9:00 AM (EST), each cryptocurrency asset was listed.

Currently, YFI can be purchased for $28,425 each unit. Next up are tokens ethereum and lido staked Ethereum (STETH), which is a tokenized version of ethereum. The prices of ETH and STETH, which are similar to tokenized BTC project tokens, is approximately the same.

ETH trades at $2.7K per unit, which is just four digits of USD value. Following ETH (STETH) and maker (MKR), another four-digit contender is maker, which trades for $1800 per unit.

These digital currencies are the seven most valuable crypto assets. Below maker (MKR), binance coin is (BNB), which trades for 3 digits USD at $417 per piece, bitcoin cash at $337, and Kusama (KSM at $228 each.

BNB and BCH are the most costly coins, but ten other coins, below KSM, trade at three-digit USD values. They include monero and elrond as well as aave, monero and elrond. Each coin listed below bitcoinsv is currently trading at $100/coin.

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You think the top ten crypto assets are worth the most, and what do you think of the three-digit coins that fall below these top ten? This is how you might view the crypto industry. Please comment below to let us know your thoughts on this topic.

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