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It is shaping up to be an exciting year in the metaverse with 2022. Next Earth and other projects are set to bring a new age of virtual worlds that can be controlled by users.

Next Earth uses blockchain technology for virtual land management NFTs. It is 1:1 with Earth. It allows people to trade and buy virtual land, as well as sell it. A marketplace is also available on the platform, where you can sell and buy digital assets from virtual Pyramids to pixel-colored Land Art.

Next Earth’s emphasis on the environment is one of its best features. 10% of the transactions are donated to charitable organizations such as The Ocean Cleanup (Amazon Watch), Kiss the Ground and SEE Turtles. This helps to support the platform’s goal of creating a more sustainable metaverse.

Next Earth is proving to be a huge success. There are currently 30,000 landowners on the platform and over 180,000 users. The marketplace also has 2,418 transactions worth $717.843. The marketplace has generated over $650,000 in user profits. The platform generated an estimated $8 million of income and donated $800,000.

One of Next Earth’s best-known sales is the New York MET. This was sold for $1000 and bought by $100. The pyramids and the colosseum are just a few of the notable sales.

Future of Next Earth

Next Earth just got started. The platform’s roadmap includes NFT skins, business functionality, creating a non-profit foundation, shifting to virtual reality, the publication of improvement proposals, and more. Let’s explore a few of these developments.


As the metaverse continues to take shape, it’s important to consider the role of game mechanics in driving user engagement. Next Earth, a platform which is serious about this problem is creating a pay-to-earn program that rewards contributors.

Many virtual worlds use a payment model to allow users access the world. Then, they are eligible for in-world purchases. This economy is not open to everyone and can limit adoption. To counter that, Next Earth’s play-to-earn system will allow anyone to partake just by playing.

Next Earth is soon to launch its NXTT token. This will allow players to convert their gains to real-world currencies. It will create an incentive to users to get involved and contribute to the development of the metaverse.

Similar systems are being developed by many platforms, so it will be exciting to see where this trend goes. A play-to earn system can be the key to unlocking all the potential of the metaverse if done correctly.

The Platform is Open for Business

Next Earth users will be able also to create businesses. They will be able to make an income from the services they provide on Next Earth. The DAO will allow users to join the governance of the metaverse. They will have a voice in the development of the metaverse.

The Next Earth platform is essentially trying to be a social and gaming hub for business. It’s a virtual world that allows for the creation of objects, businesses, and communities. But it’s not just a copy of Second Life.

Business owners care very much about creating branded environments. You can either have your own space or you can join one of our existing communities, which are specific to your industry.

Virtual Reality (VR) Implementation

If there’s one thing that virtual reality (VR) has going for it, it’s the potential to create immersive digital experiences that feel real. VR is attractive to a variety of industries including education, training and gaming.

The metaverse is another topic. A metaverse, which is often used to refer to a completely realized virtual world in which users interact with one another on many different activities, is what the term is. It’s been described as the next step in the evolution of the internet, and many believe that it will eventually replace physical reality as the primary platform for human interaction.

But there’s one big problem: VR is not yet capable of delivering a truly compelling metaverse experience. VR has a few limitations. It lacks physical interaction and resolution. The metaverse has remained a realm reserved for science fiction. Very few projects have been able to live up to its promises.

Next Earth plans to create a completely immersive social metaverse platform, which can be used as a replacement for physical reality, once those issues are solved. With VR technology evolving rapidly, it’s only a matter of time before a fully realistic metaverse becomes a reality.

Next Earth, its name suggests, aims to create a new age of virtual worlds. Next Earth is poised for a leading role in the metaverse market, thanks to its efforts on environmentalism and community-based improvement plans, as well as VR.



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