The Ultimate Huobi Review (For 2021)

Huobi Quick Overview

HuobiGlobal crypto exchange offering a wide range of trading tools and options for trading crypto, such as Spot trading and Margin trading.

trading on Huobi

Huobi Global, which is a global cryptocurrency exchange, offers the most comprehensive offering. Huobi Global supports more than 200 crypto currencies and a variety of trading pairs. The exchange has 15+ fiat currencies available, alongside its own invention – HUSD, a USD-backed stablecoin. Huobi also has a token – Huobi Token, or H.T., which comes under the top 100 currencies by market caps.

Huobi Pro’s main exchange currently supports over 100 cryptocurrency and tokens. The alternative HADAX exchange should soon be able to support trading of hundreds of smaller altcoins or tokens.

Huobi Pro’s exchange platform ranks among the top trading platforms for traditional financial markets. The trading interface for the Huobi Pro exchange displays price feeds, market charts, market depth data and profiles that describe individual cryptocurrency. 

Huobi’s website is easy to use and makes it possible for beginners to navigate the network using its friendly and clean interface.

This Huobi review is designed to teach you everything you need to know about this digital asset exchange and help you decide if it’s right for you.

Let’s dive in!


Huobi began as a Chinese cryptocurrency exchange. In response to a ban on trading in crypto, Huobi moved its headquarters from Beijing to Singapore. There are offices located in Hong Kong, South Korea and Japan. It caters to over 3 million users across 130 countries.

Leon Li, an Oracle engineer and former founder of Huobi, founded Huobi China. He purchased the Huobi domain in 2013 to capitalise on the momentum surrounding the Bitcoin market and then took BTC trading live that year.

Within three months of its launch, Huobi had already generated more than $4Billion in turnover. By 2014, Huobi had quadrupled its turnover, becoming Asia’s largest digital asset exchange.

According to Huobi’s filings, the exchange reported a turnover of $247 billion in 2016, almost half the share of the global cryptocurrency exchange market.

Huobi, a cryptocurrency exchange platform with a staggering $2.3 trillion in trading volume is the biggest. According to Coinmarketcap, Huobi Global ranks among the most popular crypto exchanges.

Huobi Features

  • Market for P2P
  • Accounts for institutional trading
  • Margin trading
  • Derivatives Trading
  • 24/7 customer support

Now let’s look into Huobi’s key features in detail:

A simple user interface

Huobi Global has one of the most user-friendly interfaces, making it easy for new users to use its site. Trading interface features include market pricing and charting data, as well as analytical and statistical tools. The HADAX alternative crypto market, which supports smaller tokens and altcoins, also benefits from Huobi’s professional interface and functionalities.

The website also offers a Tradingview function that allows users to plot and use favorite indicators. More than ten languages are supported by the platform.

Multiple Order Types

You can place the following orders on the exchange

  • Orders are limited
  • Market Order
  • Stop Limit Order

You can also trade Bitcoin or Litecoin margins using the platform with 5x leverage. The fees are 0.1% per hour.

Flash trade

Flash Trade allows users to simulate real-time trading volume, particularly during periods of high volatility. One of Huobi’s most interesting features is the integration of orders, charts and indexes for an orderbook.


Huobi works with many platforms including Mac, Windows OS, iOS and Android.


Huobi has a lot of faith in the Huobi team for their efforts to secure the funds, information and security of clients. The platform offers multiple security protocols that protect users accounts. These include 2-factor authentication, one-time password layers, and other measures to prevent hackers from getting in the way.

It also provides Singapore users’ regulatory protection in the event they lose their funds.

Customer support

Huobi offers customer service in English as well as Mandarin. Customers can contact Huobi customer service via email, telephone or live chat. They may also submit tickets, which are resolved within 24 hours by an Huobi support team member. Huobi has dedicated messaging apps and several social media channels. 


Trading Pairs

Huobi has a large selection of digital currencies that you can trade. However, Huobi’s selection of available cryptocurrency pairs focuses more on bringing in projects from Asia. 

User Protection Fund

Huobi Global holds a 20,000 BTC reserve for security, that is used to handle extreme security emergencies. The Huobi User Protection Fund will receive 20% of any net revenues generated by the platform to purchase back Huobi Tokens.

Huobi Peer-To-Peer Trading Platform

Huobi is a secure and easy-to-use P2P exchange, which allows users to trade crypto on their terms. There are no fees.

Spot trading

Users can instantly purchase and sell digital assets with Huobi Spot Trading. Users can implement the grid trading strategy by creating a “buy low and sell high” bot to avoid erroneous trading decisions caused by human factors. Grid trading bots will then assist users in strictly implementing the “buy low and sell high” transactions strategy.

The price range and number of grids in the price range are selected by crypto traders to determine the margin per grid. If the price drops below the buy order, then the bot will place the sell order 1 grid higher from the grid. If the price increases and hits the sell or, the bot will place an order to buy one grid lower from the grid.

Huobi fees 0.2% The average spot trading fee for both makers and takers (flat trading cost) is 0.25%.

Maker is an acronym for orders created to make an order book.

The order with the matching price is called a taker and it can be instantly filled.

Margin trading

Huobi Spot Trading offers margin trading as well. This means that you can borrow money to purchase assets, and then repay it later.

Huobi has many options for margin trading, including stop-limit and trigger orders.

Margin trading has higher profit margins, but it also comes with greater risk. In the event of sharp fluctuations in markets, when the risk rate is ≤110%, your account will be forced into liquidation to repay the loaned coins and interest.

Cross margin trading Huobi Margin can be used from the balance of your account. You can keep your position liquidated if one is losing or the other is winning.

While Huobi isolated margin trading can increase your chance of liquidation it will also lower the risk of further losses from your primary account. This is done by handling individual margin accounts that are reserved only for one position, and isolated from all other positions. 

Huobi offers a Quick Margin function, which allows you to trade in automatic and loan repayment modes. 

With automatic loan mode, you can directly enter the amount that exceeds the account’s margin to place the order, and the excess part will automatically loan and accrue interest. After the trade is completed, the system will automatically use the trade’s earnings to proceed with the repayment.

Huobi Futures

Huobi derivatives allow you to leverage futures and perpetual Swap instruments up to 20x and 125x respectively on futures.

Futures trading allows users to buy and sell digital currencies in the future at the desired delivery date. It allows users to profit from changes in the price of digital currency by selling or buying short, depending on their decision.

Spread delivery is a feature of Huobi Futures. All positions that are open will be close at the index-based average price per hour when futures trading ceases.

You have four options for contract types:

  • Weekly Futures: Friday delivery of futures
  • Biweekly futures: Friday’s delivery of the next Friday
  • Quarterly: Futures will be sent on Friday of the upcoming quarter
  • Bi-quarterly, futures will arrive on the Friday before the end of the quarter.

There are three options for leverage: one, five and twenty times.

BTC weekly options with 10x leverage allow users to choose 1 BTC per margin for long/short positions of 10 BTC.

Users must select their leverage before opening any position. The leverage should be the same for all futures: weekly, bi-weekly and quarterly. The leverage cannot be changed by users if they do not hold any position or have no pending order.

Huobi Coin-Margined Futures Fees: 0.02% for buyers, 0.04% if you are a maker. Delivery fee rates for BTC are 0.015% and for other Futures – 0.05%.

Trade accounts for institutions 

Huobi offers institutional traders one-stop professional service, which includes:

  • Exclusive channels for institutions to ensure safe, compliant, and rapid deposit & withdrawal of high-value assets
  • Trades with multiple strategies or positions are restricted to 1000 sub-accounts
  • Limits on loan and withdrawal customisation
  • Customer support on-call and exclusive
  • Regular industry data analysis and reports on the secondary market’s investment strategy by Huobi Research and Huobi Quant Academy
  • Conversations with key industry figures on topics such as blockchain and digital currency development. Exclusive networking with dealers in deposit withdrawal. Seminars on media resources.
  • Participation at high-quality investment opportunities for qualified institutional clients 

Four types of institutional investors can use Huobi:

  • Crypto Mining Businesses
  • Digital Asset Trading Businesses
  • Digital Asset Investors
  • Blockchain Projects

Huobi Coin-Margined Swaps

Another type of derivative digital currency is the coin-margined swaps. You can make money from rising or falling prices by trading short, long, or both depending on your decision. 

Huobi Coin Margined Swaps have no trading or delivery deadlines.

USDT-Margined swaps

USDT-margined Swaps can be quoted in USDT. USDT-Margined swaps’ contract face value corresponds with its underlying asset. 

USDT Margined Swaps all tokens uses USDT as margin. USDT could be used to trade swaps. Also, PnL can be calculated using USDT.

Huobi Staking

Staking is a popular way to earn passive income for crypto investors.

Crypto staking involves “locking up” a portion of your cryptocurrency for some time as a way of contributing to a blockchain network. Stakers may be rewarded with additional tokens or coins in exchange. It’s like depositing money in a bank.

Huobi has also developed a stake feature, which allows you to receive rewards for digital currency holdings within your Huobi wallet. 

To earn 30.00% APY, XPRT can also be staked at Huobi Global. 100XPRT would earn 0.0821XPRT. 

Crypto holders who feel comfortable locking up their coins for a time period to receive the benefits of staking are able to use this method. The Huobi wallet balance is deducted once the coins have been staked. Once staked the coins will then be automatically staked into the pool in order to receive rewards.

Analyse Smart-Chain

Smart-Chain Analysis offers information on over 50 trading indicators and various assets via blockchain.

Huobi API

Huobi Global users can encrypt their trading robots with the Huobi API Key or REST API. Users must generate an API key to enable them to use the Huobi API. This API key should never be shared with others.

Huobi Global developed several related products including:
  • Huobi Pool
  • Huobi Token
  • Huobi Global App
  • Huobi Wallet
  • Huobi DeFiLabs

Huobi Pool

Huobi pool is an open-source multi-currency mining platform. It includes over a dozen services platforms. 

Launched in April 2018, with Bitcoin becoming the first cryptocurrency supported by the platform, it’s currently the world’s eighth-largest mining pool by hash rate, according to data from

 The main feature of Huobi Pool is PoW mining and DPoS voting for the world’s largest and most professional EOS. It is the biggest EOS voting site in the world.

Huobi POW mining benefits: 

  • Hedging Services Exclusively Used to Get Income in Advance 
  • Mining commissions are low 
  • Access to the currency trading platform directly
  • There are many types of value currencies available, such as BTC and ETH. DCR, ETC and other.
  • The HPT token is your own token
  • High-quality support.

Huobi Earn

featured earn program
Huobi’s Featured Earnings

Huobi Earn allows users to invest in digital assets. Instead of holding assets you can subscribe and move a part of them into Fixed Earnings and Flexible Earnings. These will provide an APY for assets. Special “Featured Earnings” promotions are also offered periodically, subject to availability.

You can also get a 50% APY for selected deposits.

All users must complete the registration process and provide an I.D. Users must verify their Huobi account before they can use it. In addition, users’ available balances should meet the minimum subscription requirements for their subscriptions to be processed successfully.

Crypto Loans Available from Huobi

Huobi Loans lets you borrow and secure crypto assets, pay low interest rates, charge per hour, obtain high loan limits with high LTV and receive approval in an instant.

To be able to get loans from Huobi, your account must have been KYC verified

Interest is calculated using an hourly rate. Fees are calculated depending on how long the borrower holds it.

Huobi Wallet

Huobi Wallet can be described as a multi-chain lightweight professional multi-chain wallet. Based on the combined security expertise and technology development of the Huobi Group in blockchain, Huobi Wallet guarantees the security of users’ assets and provides simple, convenient, and secure Digital Asset Management (DAM) services.

Huobi Wallet’s Key Features:

  • Multichain
  • Comprehensive user interface
  • Garantied assets
  • Crypto pinning
  • 1000+ tokens support

Huobi DeFiLabs

Huobi DeFiLabs is the platform for DeFi research and investment/incubation, including but not limited to loans, trading, and derivatives. It’s committed to promoting the growth of startups and the development of the DeFi ecosystem with the leading power of Huobi Group.

Huobi DeFiLabs has:

  • Huobi propaganda resources
  • Startup professionals
  • Recommendations for investors
  • Cooperation in ecological projects

Huobi Exchange Registry

It’s quite easy to open an account on the Huobi exchange platform. Depending upon your geographical location, you can choose from or Huobipro.

Huobi US, or HBUS, is the best platform for U.S users. These are the steps to register:

Register: After choosing your platform, click on the “Register” tab on the upper right corner of its homepage. This will take you to the registration page. Fill out the form.

Huobi will generate an automatic activation email and send it to the registered email address. It’s recommended to add 2FA (two-factor authentication) to add layers of security for your funds and data.

Verify: Huobi will request that you verify your name, nationality and email address after creating an account and verifying it with email addresses. You need to upload government-issued I.D.s such as passports, driver’s licenses, social security numbers, military certificates, etc. Once the documents are uploaded, you’ll need to upload a selfie with any government-issued document and submit the snapshot of the last three deposit transactions.

To link your Huobi account to your bank accounts, your Huobi username must be the same as your bank name.

You can start trading after successful verification. Huobi will redirect you to a page that contains a list of supported cryptocurrency, total currency supply, and other information. Choose your trading pair.

Huobi Fee Limits

Huobi fees are generally divided into: “General Tiered Fee Structure” and “Professional Trader Tiered Fee Program.”

Users whose trading volume for the past 30 days is lower than 1000 BTC are included in this first group. Huobi charges a transaction fee of 0.2000%. This will change as the HTC level increases, so the transaction fee rate will drop. The discount on Huobi fees will increase with more HTC.

The second category includes professional and experienced traders that trade over 1000 BTC in their 30 day trading volumes. Generally, the professionals’ maker and a taker fee start with 0.0700% and 0.0850%, respectively. 

Based on HTC holdings, and their 30-day trading volume, further discounts may be available.  

Huobi Deposits and Withdrawal Fees

Huobi charges a withdrawal fee that is lower than industry standards. When you withdraw BTC, this exchange will charge a withdrawal fee of 0.0001 BTC. Huobi doesn’t charge fees for deposits to your account. Here’s the withdrawal fee for seven major currencies:

  • Bitcoin – 0.001 to 0.001
  • Bitcoin Cash – 0.0001
  • EOS – 0.5
  • Ethereum – 0.01
  • XRP – 0.1
  • Litecoin – 0.001
  • Tether – 20

Users who create accounts on the platform and do not comply with KYC requirements are subject to restrictions in terms of the amounts they can withdraw during a specified period.

Unverified Huobi account holders are allowed to withdraw a maximum amount of 0.1 BTC each day. For Ethereum (ETH), however, the withdrawal limit can be as high as 2.5 per day. Similarly, for Bitcoin Cash (BCH), it’s 0.6; and for Ripple (XRP) and Litecoin (LTC), it’s 2500 and 5 per day, respectively.

Payment Methods

Huobi’s exchange platform accepts two fiat currencies: the U.S. dollar (USD) and the Chinese yuan (CNY). The exchange platform also accepts Bitcoin (BTC), and Litecoin(LTC) as well.

Huobi Token (H.T.)

H.T. H.T. (Huobi Token), is the sole token that Huobi has officially launched. Although Huobi tokens offer value support and a variety of use cases, they also have the potential for price fluctuation.

Huobi tokenThe Huobi token was launched initially as a loyalty-building token. Since China’s ban on cryptocurrency in 2017, the markets have experienced shallow user activity, with the future of cryptocurrency being questioned. Huobi created the token in an effort to combat the problem and to give life to cryptocurrency exchange. Tokens can be traded to other cryptos and reward users with very low transaction fees.

H.T. The H.T. token, which is built on Ethereum and has a limited supply of approximately 500 million. It was created by Huobi. 

Huobi Token’sLive Capacity to marketIt is $1.2B. There is a maximum. Alongside, it has an additional supply volume equivalent to 500,000,000 HT $1.2B 24h trading volume.

Users can also book VIP memberships to lower the rates to as much as 65%.

Huobi offers 5 VIP levels:

  • Partner – Minimum 500,000 EXP
  • Ambassador – Minimum 150,000 EXP
  • Premier – Minimum 30,000 EXP
  • Insider – Minimum 7,000 EXP
  • Advanced – Minimum 4,000 EXP

Huobi EXP refers to Huobi Experience points. Huobi Global’s trading volumes and digital asset portfolios are the basis of experience points.

Huobi Mobile App

Huobi Global was released on iOS and Android in November 2017. Over 1 million people have downloaded the Huobi Global app. The app also supports Traditional Chinese and Italian. You can access the app 24/7 to get multilingual customer support.

Mobile apps offer the best security. Clients have full control of their assets and assets. Private keys for traders are kept private by the exchange.

Huobi holds multiple patents that pertain to data security. These include data encryption and security isolation. The mobile app, which is both a trading platform and an exchange, features multisignature for multiple digital asset management.

Another advantage of the mobile app is that it’s user-friendly and features an innovative design.

Huobi’s mobile app features the following main points:

1. Multicurrency Trading: LTC/BTC and ETH/BTC. BCH/BTC. ETC/BTC. BTC/USDT. LTC/USDT. ETH/USDT. BCH/USDT. ETC/USDT. And many more.

2. Real-time pricing

3. Charts and Index Analysis by professionals in real time

4. Flexible trading methods: limit orders, market orders, stop-limit orders, etc.

5. Rapid crediting for withdrawals or deposits

6. Multilingual 24/7 customer service

7. Search for assets in a convenient way

8. Grid trading strategies and algorithms

Page display is simple and clean, which allows users to enjoy all the available features.

A new, excellent feature was added to the 4.0 app update in October 2018. The “Discover” function added a section for breaking news and updates, helping users stay informed anywhere, anytime.

Another new feature was the application’s K-line chart, designed to help users better understand market movements. Charts can be used to capture the most minute market movements, giving traders valuable insights and data.

Security Huobi

Huobi says that they have never been the victim of a security breach. Huobi claims that they are able to maintain the highest security standards and have developed risk control measures comparable to Goldman Sachs. Huobi established a decentralized trading structure to reduce DDoS attacks.

It is built using advanced distributed systems architecture. 98% customer funds are kept in multi-signature cold wallets. This means that they cannot be accessed online. You can access digital assets that are stored in multisignature cold storage wallets through Huobi’s mobile app. Huobi’s data centers are covered by 24/7 security monitoring.

Security Huobi has made a significant investment in security, and passed several third-party test. Two-factor authentication, SMS, email notifications and PGP encryption can be used to enhance security at Huobi. Huobi also follows a ‘Know Your Client,’ or KYC procedure that requires a verification process of submitting a photo of the trader’s Identity document and a snapshot of the latest three deposit transactions. 

Support for Huobi customers

Huobi live chat
Live chat with Huobi

Huobi provides customer service in English and Mandarin to reach its large customer base around the world.

Contact customer service by email, phone or live chat.

Huobi Review

Huobi, a popular exchange platform that supports many cryptocurrency tokens, is our Huobi exchange review. You will find a user-friendly trading environment, robust storage and an intervention fund. There is also an app available to exchange funds for Windows, Macs, iOS and Android.

When it comes to security, the Huobi team has taken all of the safety precautions – the 20,000 BTC substantial insurance fund keeps them well protected. Huobi appears to be able to provide everything for all investors, no matter their level of experience or skill.

Now you can trade on Huobi. And don’t forget to connect your Huobi to CoinStats to start tracking all your crypto assets from one place. 

This article does not contain investment advice. You should seek independent financial advice if you have any questions. Because cryptocurrency can fluctuate, you should do independent research. Don’t invest more than what is necessary to protect your investment.

Huobi Pros
  • User Protection Fund
  • OTC (Overthe-counter) trading and dark pool trading
  • Fiat currency
  • Available for Android and iOS: Mobile App
  • Over 300+ cryptocurrencies
  • Trading fees competitive
  • 24-hour Customer Support
  • Staking,
    Futures and margin trading are available

Huobi Cons
  • It is hard for novices
  • Not available for U.S. residents
  • Begin with low limits
  • No MetaTrader platform
  • It is not regulated

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