Cardano Launchpad Flickto Brings Media Financing To The Masses

Flickto’s project is one of very few that are able to convince people at first glance. Flickto’s mission is clear to investors. It helps creators create their works. Flickto recognized the need for funding in media and took steps to fill this gap.

Flickto is a platform that allows Cardano users, in exchange for a reward, to help fund media projects. The media launchpad can provide funding to artists and creators through investment pools. The Cardano ecosystem’s first launchpad allows anyone to sponsor and fund media productions.

Flickto Financing

Users will have to first vote on any project in order to get funding through Flickto. FLICK tokens are required to vote. This token is then staked and the holder gets the right of vote. The community finances projects that receive the most votes. Users have the option to also stake their ADA tokens with their FLICK tokens.

Voting also brings rewards to those who vote for media projects. The investors get special perks when they invest in media projects funded through the Flickto community. Investors are entitled to a portion of all distribution royalties earned from projects funded through Flickto. Flickto hopes to support the next generation filmmakers, producers of TV and NFT content.

Geraint Harvard and Ben Morris, both film industry veterans, have been appointed as advisors to the project. Morris and Jones have decades of collective experience in both production and direction, and will guide Flickto in a positive direction.

ISPOs for funding

Flickto uses the ISPO model for financing media projects. ISPOs have come into favor in the crypto space because they’re a sustainable way to finance blockchain projects by allowing users to get involved by becoming delegators. Flickto allows investors to immediately become delegators. With nearly 200 delegates and over 1.5 million ADA in Active Stake, the adoption of Flickto has been rapid.

An ISPO can be used to secure funding for approved media projects and raise funds. ISPOs are being used to finance projects on the Cardano blockchain by some existing projects.

How do I get started?

Flickto is still in the infancy stage as it was launched just recently. Investors can still take advantage of this asset at a very early stage. Last week saw the end of the first private sale of FLICK tokens.

It is scheduled to launch the IDO. is a Cardano-based initiative where you can purchase FLICK tokens.

Additionally, users can stake ADA in order to receive FLICK tokens. They also have the option to enter NFT airdrops that are related to this project.

Users will soon be able purchase FLICK tokens on both decentralized and centralized exchanges after the presale round and the private rounds. The launchpad will make the digital asset evenly distributed so that investors can take advantage of it.

FLICK tokens are limited to a maximum supply of 5,000,000,000 (5 billion). Public distribution will receive 65%, while 15% is distributed among teams, advisors and partners. 15% goes to liquidity and the treasury. 10% is for marketing and operations.


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