The Power Of Consistency With Malacka Reed El

Many people always give up along the way when the going gets tough. Whether it is in career, relationship, marriage, or in life. The ability to remain under the load diminishes quickly for many entrepreneurs, especially if they don’t see results for the first two years. But for Malacka Reed El, the story is different. Her story is the story of persistence and consistency. 

This powerful woman has constantly been striving in the entrepreneurship world and her personal life. Since she was a child, she has been a victim of circumstances, but that couldn’t stop her from becoming the person she envisioned herself. Independence, optimism, willpower, mindset, and grit are the strong pillars that define this first lady of Baltimore. 

High Lagging Ability

Malacka has suffered. Her mother was selling drugs to grow in an environment surrounded by drugs, violence, sexual assault, and poverty. She was brutally raped at the age of 14 and gave birth to her firstborn at 15. As a teenage mother, responsibility had set in, and she could run away from them. In fact, at 19, Malacka had his second child. 

This woman was a bully, and sometimes she was bullied. She faced divorce twice after a combined period of 25 years in marriage. At one point, her house was invaded, and everything was stolen. She had even thought of selling sex for riches and material things. However, she learned to endure and build a formidable force towards achieving her goals through it all. Consistently this woman has been weighing on what is favorable in her life and what is not. What step to take and which one not to take. Her consistency in rejecting the negative things to affect her life has been evident. 

Why Is Consistency Important?

Being consistent in life or business is very important. It prepares you to know what to expect from you. Consistency will also help you as an entrepreneur to deliver high-quality results. Additionally, you will become efficient and have better results while identifying your areas of improvement quickly. It is through consistency that Malacka achieved her goals. 

Today, Reed runs a very successful calling booth; she is a stylist in a showroom in Los Angeles, a trendy online boutique, “Malacka’s Showroom.” She is also an author who has been on Amazon’s bestseller list for ten weeks in a row after writing her first book. She is about to release a second book. She also empowers other women worldwide to live abundant lives. Not to mention owning a cosmetic line of makeup and being an influencer and host. She gets hired for big shows and concerts due to her influence and popularity. Celebrities like the city girls and future money are booking her. 

It is also worth noting that Malacka Reed is a person whose presence commands a room. Ever since she was young, she has been very popular, and opportunities would present themselves. Growing up, she would be asked to host shows. With the natural physical popularity, it was easy for her to grow a social media following.