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The crypto gains have not been as lucrative as they were once.

Both institutional and retail investors have been disappointed by the decline in returns. In the current investment climate, the more established tokens are becoming less volatile and the returns from ‘hodling’ are simply not as great as they once were. Naturally, while there is a lot of natural variation in investors’ portfolios, the industry-wide trends mean that today’s crypto returns are no longer minting new millionaires en masse.

As some of the more prominent crypto analysts and enthusiasts have noted, the real returns are currently pooled in the so-called “Low-Cap Crypto Gems”, the next generation of projects, still in their early days of fundraising, still waiting for that big ‘pop’. That’s why, to satisfy the pent up demand from the modern-day ‘venture capitalists’, the team behind KICK.IO Launchpad & Project Accelerator He is striving to identify the best early-stage DeFi projects and to bring them to market.

KICK.IO – Why should you choose it?

Significantly Lower Prices for Seed-Stage Products

Projects based on Cardano KICK.IO is led by a team of DeFi and traditional finance professionals who are dedicated to “expanding the pie” and promoting mutual prosperity within the Cardano Ecosystem. That’s why, on the KICK.IOLaunchpad can offer seed-stage prices at significantly lower rates than any other place. Early project backers can lock in their bets early – prior to the big post-listing ‘pop’ – with a possibility of even higher returns to be made if the project achieves long-term success.

As Cardano might be entering the bull markets once more, this might be the perfect time for investors to dip their feet into seed-stage financing – a market that is very much alive and kicking.

Project Credibility

Our investors are our priority. KICK.IOThis ensures only the best and most reliable projects get through. You will find the following projects on the KICK.IOOur team carefully selected Launchpad employees because we only work with high-growth, highly profitable projects identified using a set of predictive markers.

All projects seeking seed-stage financing must be on the same page to ensure they deliver. KICK.IOAll projects are scrutinized closely and go through a string of checks to ensure that they don’t fall for fraudsters or over-promisers. Every project is vetted by the due diligence team, which looks out for potential red flags like promises of unrealistic results or fake endorsements. Our due diligence team also looks at the people behind each project to ensure that the best projects are made to the crowdfunding stage.

The Ethos of Decentralization

Everything we do is governed by a philosophy of decentralization — funds raised are distributed directly to projects, tokens purchased are sent directly to the personal wallets of users without burdensome checks or unnecessary delays. Financial sustainability and inclusion are also important to us. We work diligently to make sure that all parties benefit, and help to grow the industry’s reputation and maturity.

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