The Nervos Network’s Ben Morris Talks About Godwoken, the EVM Compatible Layer 2 Solution – Interview Bitcoin News

Nervos Network allows developers to develop applications that are universally accessible, decentralized, and autonomous using a Blockchain platform. The goal is to develop an architecture that allows dApp developers build one application and reach everyone using Layer 1 + 2 solutions.

Ben Morris serves as Director of Business Development at Nervos. Recently, he joined News Podcast as a guest to discuss the business.

Ben is an investor, founder and business leader. He spent over 10 years managing regional businesses at some of the world’s largest financial services companies including Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters across Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and North Africa.

Ben joined the blockchain market in 2018, to create Status Incubate. This led to investments at an early stage in projects such as Superrare, LeapDAO, and Matrix. Ben was the co-founder of, a fitness streaming platform. He is also a partner in i3 Assets private blockchain fund. Ben serves currently as Director of Business development at Nervos. His primary focus is on expanding the ecosystem and building partnerships with teams who wish to grow with Nervos.

You can learn more information about the project by visiting the website and following the team. Twitter.

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