The Leading Web3 Gaming Studio on Solana

New rewards and systems are being introduced to blockchain games, which is taking the gaming world by storm. Aurory Project is a blockchain-powered gaming platform powered by Serum and Solana that brings Web2 excitement to the decentralized world.

Aurory, a fantasy RPG that allows players to explore the digital world while earning rewards for their efforts, is an example of a play-to earn gaming system. A PvE mode has been added to the platform that allows users to roam between Antik, Cryptos and meet Nefties in game. These magical creatures are available to be captured or traded and become an integral part the JRPG gaming experience.

This platform seeks to reduce the barrier to entry for decentralized gaming by making Web3 gaming more available to all players through diversification of their offerings. Aurory also offers PvE, which can make the switch between Web2 or Web3 gaming easier. Aurory also offers a PvP Multiplayer mode, where players can compete against each other to win prizes or participate in giveaways that are based on past wins.

Through an IDO launch, the platform launched $AURY its utility token. Holders of in-game currency $AURY can stake their tokens on the Aurory platform, thus using their tokens to generate additional passive income or purchase in-game assets to improve their hero’s attributes. The $AURY tokens can be purchased on FTX (KuCoin Raydium), Orca, and Orca as of this writing.

Competitive team advantage

As Aurory’s narrative continues to evolve, the project has onboarded top-class experienced developers and creatives who’ve worked for AAA studios. Each team member responsible for the visual identity of the game and its development has more than 10 year experience in Web2 gaming development. This makes them invaluable assets to creating an engaging gaming experience.

Stephan Carmignani is Aurory’s Creative Director and has 22 years of experience working for major game development companies such as Ubisoft, EA, and Warner Brothers. Simon Lallemand is Aurory’s Environment Art Director. He has 15+ years of industry experience, having worked for Gameloft and Ubisoft.

Jonathan Campeau joined Aurory recently as an Executive Producer after working more than 18 year for Ubisoft and EA. Jonathan was involved in Far Cry 6’s release, development, and production.

Aurory appointed Tristan Yver to be an advisor due their extensive experience in the decentralized sector. Tristian has developed FTX and Serum, while Darren has co-authored Coingeko’s first eBook: ‘’How To DeFi’’. Aurory will benefit from their expertise.

What makes them stand out?

GameFi has only recently gained mainstream recognition. The look and feel for most games is basic and murky. Aurory is a Web2 game that mimics established Web2 games in terms of UI and UX. Given the studio’s rapid expansion and ability to target a more significant market segment, Aurory Project has gained support and capital funding from Alameda Research, CMS Holdings, or Jump Capital.

The studio also received funding from Animoca Brands. This company previously invested in trademarked games like Axie Infinity. GameFi and NFTs have become the bread and butter in the new decentralized ecosystem. In order for blockchain to become more mainstream, gamers need to get exposure to Aurory-type games by partnering with established esports businesses. TSM FTX was their partner to launch the first branded NFT collection. TSM signed a $210 Million dollar agreement with FTX to become crypto-friendly.


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