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Square Enix, Japan’s AAA publisher and game developer, has announced Symbiogenesis, an NFT-based gaming brand. This experience will build on Ethereum and will use NFTs (nonfungible tokens). These are art pieces that can be used as profiles pictures or in an independent NFT market.

Square Enix Announces Symbiogenesis NFT Project

Square Enix, a Japanese gaming giant, announced Symbiogenesis. This interactive experience is one of the first NFT-based. On Nov. 3, as part of the company’s participation in the India Game Developers Conference, Square Enix finally cleared up the mystery that surrounded the game, thought to be related to its Parasite Eve franchise due to its name.

Square Enix revealed that the game’s premise would be different. The upcoming experience will revolve around a series of character “symbiosis,” that would be available to be collected as digital art in the form of NFTs. These art NFTs will be a part of the story as characters solving a series of missions related to themes of “monopolization and distribution of resources.”

Square Enix confirmed that Symbiogenesis will use Ethereum in the game’s blockchain elements. This game will be available in Spring 2023.

Square Enix’s Web3 Commitment

Although this is Square Enix’s first major project, it is also the first one built with Web3 as a focus. However Square Enix is just one of the traditional AAA gaming companies to support decentralization in games.

In a partnership with Oasys (a Japanese Web3 gaming Blockchain project), the company stated that it was open to developing blockchain games. Square Enix also participates as a validator in the Oasys Blockchain, which has just launched its mainnet.

Square Enix announced that blockchain was part of their business strategy in May. It indicated it will be considering the launch IPs with NFTs as part of its world-building components. Symbiogenesis’ description goes in line with these statements.

The company’s large franchises have been chosen to become themes for future NFT products. Square Enix revealed in July it was dropping an NFT collection from Final Fantasy VII to celebrate the franchise’s 25th anniversary. They will be distributed on the Efinity network powered By Enjin.

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