SportsIcon Steps Into The Future Of Sports Entertainment With NFT Based Platform

Non-Fungible Tokens are a hot trend in the cryptocurrency industry. They have created a new wave in crypto adoption. They are still a new class that was created to be used in the digital age. It has been especially popular for the sector of sports entertainment to adopt this technology that is supported by the Blockchain.

SporsIcon is a new way for people to enjoy the sport they love. SporsIcon is a platform that provides NFTs for all sports. The project works with some of the world’s most renowned athletes to give fans an exclusive look into their life and highlight moments.

With the help of Dapper Lands CEO Roham Haregozlou it was created and is now deployed on the Flow Network, the blockchain that supports NBA Top Shot. SportsIcon is a hub for NFTs related to sports.

Because it is gas-free and offers low costs transactions, big players as well as retail investors can access high-quality and never-before seen content on top athletes. SportsIcon is collaborating with some of the most renowned sports personalities to produce a unique collection that will reflect on their lives and career like no other.

Produced by a group of professional directors and entertainment professionals. Filmed to high standards. SportsIcon allows teams and athletes to design their collections and have them drop it. Chris Worsey is the founder of SportsIcon.

As is often the case when it comes to technological innovation, the next decade will be known as the Age of Digitization. The sports industry will lead the charge. NFTs allow the most dedicated fans to have a piece of sports history that was previously unobtainable.

A connection between sports heroes and fans

Fans will be able to access a collection of 27 NFTs that can be divided into nine chapters, once the platform launches. These chapters will be a story about key sporting figures, and they will become more rare as new chapters are added to the platform.

As Worsey said in an interview for TechCrunch, SportsIcon stands out from the competition because it “invest in the content”. It has the objective of providing fans with real value while developing a relationship with athletes and the platform’s community for the long run.

SportsIcon was supported by prominent sports figures like Andrew Bogut, Nihal Mehta, and other former NBA stars. Other investors include legendary rapper Nas, very well known for his multi-million profits as an earlier investor in companies such as Coinbase, FOX Sports’ Mike Vick, Romelu Lukaku, Mexican soccer team Pumas.

SportsIcon hopes to attract more NFTs from athletes and other organizations around the world through the platform in the near future. A team behind the project also revealed the launch IDO. Additional details about the rollout and Q4 date will be announced via their official channels.

SportsIcon appears to be poised to expand the use of this new asset class to try to cement it in the mainstream.


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