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Newegg is a leading retailer that focuses on tech and has launched a huge billboard campaign to support the mechanized cryptocurrency, shiba-inu (SHIB). Newegg announced that it would accept payment from shiba inu in the early days of December. That’s earlier than AMC Theatres planned to do.

Newegg launches a massive ad campaign for Shiba Inu

Newegg is a large online retailer that accepts the cryptocurrency meme shiba inu for payment Tuesday.

Newegg, one of North America’s most prominent tech-focused online stores, has a worldwide reach across Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America. This platform sells computer parts and components for laptops, desktops, gaming systems, automobile parts, as well office supplies.

This announcement describes:

Newegg will accept SHIB starting in December. This further solidifies’s position as a top destination for cryptocurrency-savvy online shoppers.

SHIB will be accepted “as a form of payment on its platform in time for the holidays,” Newegg emphasized. Tuesday’s announcement follows a tweet the company made on Friday stating that SHIB is “coming soon” to Newegg.

The SHIB acceptance announcement was made “on a grand scale with a massive digital out-of-home (DOOH) campaign displayed on The Reef, North America’s largest DOOH billboard,” the e-commerce giant explained.

Located in downtown Los Angeles, California, the Reef “wraps around three sides of a large office building spanning an entire Los Angeles city block,” Newegg noted. “At 55 feet tall and 736 feet wide, the 40,000+ square foot DOOH billboard is one of the most impressive billboards in the world,” the company described.

Bitpay allows Newegg to currently accept several cryptocurrencies. Adam Aron (CEO of AMC Theatres) stated that the cryptocurrency payment provider Bitpay added SHIB on his request.

Aron indicated in November that AMC was the company expected to first accept SHIB via Bitpay. Aron stated that Bitpay is not currently used by the theater chain and the meme coin Shiba Inu would be accepted within 60 to 120 business days of Aron’s announcement. AMC would be behind Newegg when it comes to accepting SHIB.

Andrew Choi, Newegg’s director of brand marketing, commented: continues to look for innovative ways to improve the shopping experience. Customers want greater flexibility as well as more options to make payments, which includes the possibility to use a variety of cryptocurrencies.

“Through our partnership with Bitpay, we have the ability to move quickly and lead the market with flexible cryptocurrency payment options. To that end, we’re excited to offer SHIB as a payment option on,” the director opined.

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