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Sega is a top videogame developer and has changed its stance on the use of NFTs and play-to earn. Sega CEO Haruki Satomi announced that the company could drop the current NFT experimentation at its company’s latest management meeting, held on December 24th.

Sega CEO Reveals Company Might Scrap NFT Plans

Haruki Satomi is the CEO of Sega. He has discussed the possible future stance of the company regarding NFTs as well as the play to earn movement. Satomi spoke out about this topic at the Sega’s December 24th management meeting. He stated that the company may stop conducting experiments involving these technologies in traditional gaming.

When asked about Sega’s view on play-to-earn technologies at the moment, Satomi answered:

While we would love to do various experiments, and have started many studies and considered different options for P2E, nothing has been decided. This has been announced many times, even overseas. However, there are some people who have negative reactions.

Sega may also decide to abandon these actions, if Sega believes that this is a money-making plan.


Satomi spoke also about the concept of the “metaverse”, stating that it is where people come together and community-building takes place. He said that although metaverses are a popular topic, not all games can be considered metaverses. Instead, the industry needs to focus on making high-quality, quality gaming experiences.

He expanded on his ideas and stated:

Super Game is a multi-platform game with a community and network that supports global players. It could become an esport if it has competitive elements like PvP. If it receives tens to millions of global downloads and has an active user base, it might become a Metaverse.

Sega, another gaming company has begun to experiment with NFTs. This company announcedIt had announced that it was going to start selling NFTs using its intellectual property back in April. However, the company received a negative reception from the gaming industry. This kind of criticism has also been received by traditional gaming companies like Ubisoft or GSC Game World about their activities using blockchain and similar technologies.

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