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Renault’s Korean subsidiary, which is an iconic brand in the automobile industry, has entered the metaverse with a partnership. With this partnership, Renault Korea’s objective is to establish its brand presence in the metaverse and to present Renault-based virtual automotive experiences to customers.

Renault will enter the Metaverse through the Sandbox

Renault, one the most important automotive corporations in the globe, has entered into a partnership to allow The Sandbox to present itself in The Sandbox’s virtual universe. This will see the Korean affiliate of The Sandbox establish the brand’s presence in this space via a variety of automotive-related activities that introduce customers to its products.

These experiences will enhance The Sandbox platform. They also allow Renault reach a wider audience and increase their potential customers. About the partnership, The Sandbox Korea’s CEO Cindy Lee stated:

This collaboration is an example of great cooperation. The Sandbox is open to all industries. In The Sandbox, we can create new experiences by combining automobiles with digital assets.

It was not clear at that time what the scope of this partnership would be and what the experience will look like. Renault is now part of the Ethereum-based Metaverse Platform’s existing companies and people.

Automotive Brands and The Metaverse

Renault isn’t the only automaker that wants to sell products into the metaverse. The metaverse is a favorite destination for such companies. Volkswagen organized an advertising campaign in April called “Game On,” in which users had to hunt NFTs in a metaverse environment.

Japanese carmaker Nissan used the metaverse for the Sakura launch. In a virtual reality, potential customers were able to test the car and see its details. This experience, according to Nissan, provided “an opportunity to connect with new audiences like never before.” Furthermore, the company stated it was “excited about what’s next, and will keep innovating new digital approaches for our products.”

Hyundai is also displaying future mobility experiences via a virtual motorstudio located in Zepeto (managed by Naver Z).

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