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PRICE RELEASE MailChimp’s recent decision to suspend newsletter services for crypto businesses expresses the widening chasm between web2 and web3 and the pronounced importance of a robust communications bridge between both realms. In recent weeks, many crypto and NFT projects were abruptly informed by MailChimp – in a matter-of-fact manner – that the risk associated with their account was “too great for us to support sending.” The breadth of this comprehensive policy means that many highly sophisticated and legitimate companies will no longer have a direct line of communication with the holders of their assets. This new model allows for anonyme and encrypted wallet to-wallet communication.

Some web2 mega-powers feel hesitant about being part of the fast evolving web3 ecosystem. There is often a temptation for major players to be left out of emerging trends. ‘let it play out, and if it catches on, we’ll buy out the pioneering companies’This is a fact that has been universally accepted over time. Facebook, for example, acquired start-up platforms promising a unique solution. The distribution of tokens, community participation and other benefits of many next-generation platforms make buying out web3 companies a different proposition.

Imagine a tech giant that is well-known and has experienced sustained growth during the web2 era. Now, they face a new regulatory environment that may have an impact on their web2 customers. The company may feel the need to act to safeguard its share of the market. Whether it’s tokens or a connect-to-wallet feature, these concepts can introduce new risks for web2 companies to grapple with.

MailChimp, which offers web2-specific features and has been very successful, is well-known for its web2 business model. But they may be open to accepting their weaknesses in the web3 realm and taking a more prudent approach for newsletter distribution for cryptocurrency projects. MailChimp could also admit that it may be difficult to expand its scope. It is possible to lose your original value proposition if someone tries too hard and does not do enough. Think Yahoo – once upon a time, it was the leading search engine, and because it tried to encompass too much, it lost significant ground to Google.

MailChimp is not sure what their future plans will look like. Perhaps they’ll let another platform ride this wave, or they’re primarily concerned with protecting their piece of the pie, or maybe they’re even thinking about a new product offering. It is known that they’ve decided to ditch swathes of web3 companies, and as a result, these companies will need a platform to embrace them. EtherMailIt is the platform that covers all aspects of product, legalities, and tokenomics.

EtherMail allows web3 companies to communicate rich and relevant content to asset holders directly using blockchain-synced real time information. Companies can also use the solution to prevent communication fraud and notify users about breaches or vulnerabilities before they occur. Additionally, it allows for self-updating mailing list distributions based on smart contract data. You have EtherMail if you combine Gmail with MailChimp and Metamask.

Already, top platforms are interested in exploring partnership synergies. In the next months, betas will be held with potential partners to help them target their prospects and token holders.

As the company expands, its central focus is on the web3 companies that MailChimp left behind. They are building products today. The team is still in its early development stages, so they have a lot of operational flexibility. This means that web3 projects can be built faster without having to rely on legacy architecture. As a result, the team can cater to them in a way that others can’t, providing a solution tailored to their needs and the contours of the web3 space.

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