Relocating To Dallas-Fort Worth? Get In Touch With LaQuanda Brownlee

Dallas Fort-Worth can be a wonderful place for people who want a combination of city and suburb life. It is ranked as #32 most desirable place to call home, #75 best retirement areas, and #2nd best area to live in Dallas.

If you’re looking to buy or sell a house in Dallas-Fort Worth, it would help to work with someone familiar with the place and get you a great deal. LaQuanda is the best option in that situation.

Meet LaQuanda Brownlee

LaQuanda BrownleeShe is an experienced realtor who has been in this field for over six years. Since 2018, she is currently a broker with JP and Associates Realtors. LaQuanda has been a successful agent in Dallas-Fort Worth for six years. She is a respected and highly innovative agent.

LaQuanda’s strong knowledge of the local market made her the ideal arsenal for those looking to buy or sell a home in Dallas-Fort Worth. Most people are afraid to buy or sell at this point because they’re uncertain about the market. Many feel the market is changing. LaQuanda believes that the market has begun to normalize, which means great opportunities.

We help clients relocate to Dallas Fort-Worth

LaQuanda She advises people who are looking to move to Dallas Fort Worth. Her advice is to not let rising property prices intimidate them and encourage them to just go for it. LaQuanda helped many families and people relocating in DFW to find their homes. She is a licensed realtor who values customer relations. This sets her apart. LaQuanda doesn’t just want to make sales. LaQuanda’s goal is not to close sales, but rather to make her clients friends and family through real estate.

LaQuanda says that people are concerned about high interest rates. This is a bad time for both buyers and sellers, as house prices continue to rise. LaQuanda believes that things are normalizing. LaQuanda says that people bought homes as early as 2000 right before the crash in 2006. The interest rates paid by people were well above 6%.

LaQuanda says she’s watched clients purchase houses under 200k who did take advantage of the lower interest rates and obviously have tripled their equity in that short time. Versus those who sat on the fence and watched, regret that they didn’t buy a house then. However, it’s definitely not too late as the market is normalizing back into a buyers market. Don’t miss the boat this time!

According to LaQuanda’s forecast, the interest rate won’t fall. The rate will rise. The cost of renting is on the rise as well. So you’ll kick yourself in the foot if you dismiss relocating to a house you’ve bought in favor of paying rent that you can’t afford.

To conclude

Long-term, people who own homes do much better than those who rent. Tax deductions allow you to save money and to spend less. Interest rates have increased historically. There’s no better time to buy a home than now. Start by determining how much money you are able to spend on a home. LaQuanda will be happy to help you determine the best deal for you based upon your budget. Her website and social media accounts are both available.