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Bitcoin miner Cleanspark says it experienced accelerated growth amid the crypto winter this year and the operation’s hashrate has surpassed 3 exahash per second (EH/s), tripling in less than twelve months’ time. The news follows a number of expansions bitcoin mining operations have embarked upon during 2022’s tumultuous crypto market.

Cleanspark’s Hashrate Surpasses 3 EH/S, Bitcoin Miner’s Executive Chairman Says Firm Was Prepared ‘for a Rough Market’

On Tuesday, the bitcoin mining operation Cleanspark (Nasdaq: CLSK) announced that the company’s hashrate has officially surpassed 3 EH/s. Cleanspark notes that the firm’s hashpower has jumped three times higher in less than a year and currently the company has 31,000 ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit) mining rigs. According to the company, Cleanspark has recorded a “daily production high of 13.25 bitcoins.”

Cleanspark’s update on Tuesday follows the firm revealing it acquired thousands of next-generation ASIC miners at a discounted price. At the time the company said the crypto winter provided “unprecedented opportunities” and during the first week of August, it announced the acquisition of a plug-in-ready mining facility with up to 86 megawatts (MW) of capacity. Many other Bitcoin mining businesses have expanded and grown their operations to 2022.

Applied Digital has recently announced that it acquired land in North Dakota to build a mine after receiving a loan of $15 million. Validus Power is a Canadian blockchain solutions company that announced it was building more data centers.

Terawulf Inc. (Nasdaq, WULF), a Bitcoin mining operator, amended Monday its joint venture agreement to operate the Nautilus Cryptomine mining center. This month, Cipher Mining completed the firm’s 40 MW Texas mining facility that’s powered by wind and two weeks ago, BIT Mining revealed a $9.3 million registered direct offering.

After surpassing 3 EH/s, Cleanspark’s executive chairman Matt Schultz explained that the company had prepared for the crypto winter’s downturn. “We prepared for a rough market, which allowed us to take advantage of unique opportunities and propel the Company further,” Schultz detailed on Tuesday in a statement. “Because of that we’re growing our market share as a publicly traded bitcoin miner,” the executive added.

A large number of shares this year that are derived from bitcoin miners publicly listed have fallen in value. CLSK’s value against the U.S. Dollar has dropped 68.33% year-to-date. At one point, it was trading at more than $22 per shares. CLSK traded for $4.29 per Share on Tuesday according to stock market data.

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