Luxury Life For Crypto – Puerto Rico Opens the Door to Bitcoin Real Estate Buying

An avid Bitcoin enthusiast and property entrepreneur is selling his beautiful luxury 2-story property in the “Hidden Valley” of Guaynabo, Puerto Rico. It is located in a beautiful area with easy access to the San Juan Metro within a few minutes.

It is located in idyllic countryside, where you will find the villas and estates of international celebrities. An added benefit of the magnificent architecture is the lavish lifestyle and tax benefits that come with the country’s legislation.

Stunning Design

This sprawling mansion, which measures 9,014 square feet, is a 2-story structure with 5 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms. It sits on an area of just 1 acre. On the first floor is an atrium that has a 360-degree mezzanine balcony. At 59 feet in length, the atrium is open plan and emphasizes space.

An extended dining room that can comfortably seat 12 guests is located westward from the atrium. A kitchen adjacent to the dining room houses two guests and leads to a 50ft terrace with pool. There are sun loungers around the 20 foot pool, as well as a stone staircase which gives pool-goers easy access to main garden.

East side of first floor has the first ensuite bathroom. There is also an additional bath.

A staircase made of oak leads from the atrium up to the second-floor bridge balcony. It also runs down the hallway, which separates the master and guest ensuite bedrooms. Both the master bedroom and the hallway are separated by balconies. The master suite, however, has an additional hangout space at the entry.

The Idyllic Vale

Guaynabo is part of the San Juan Region, as are its neighbouring municipalities. The region sits on the island’s Atlantic coast, the venue to exotic nightclubs and casinos on the Isla Verde beach fronts. San Juan offers a wide range of cultural, natural, culinary and aquatic offerings that are worthy of larger cities.

There are dozens of designer boutiques in San Juan that offer high-end fashion products. They also have a number of cobblestoned roads and colorful Spanish colonial structures. The old San Juan neighborhood is home to many 16th century landmarks, such as La Fortaleza, the bayside promenade, and Paseo de la Princesa.

It is home to the Caribbean’s largest private harbour. The wealthy can enjoy watersports or boats in this capital. San Juan also has two Michelin star restaurants.

Lifestyle of the Rich & Famous

Celebrities, actors, and the super wealthy have recently been selecting Puerto Rico to take advantage of the nation’s significant tax breaks, that extends to both regular income and cryptocurrencies.

The stunning valley property provides the buyer with a unique opportunity to delve into a lifestyle shared by wealthy and famous individuals while enjoying the idyllic vistas and serene landscape of Puerto Rico’s “Hidden valley” of Guaynabo.

Logan Paul, YouTuber and Household name Logan Paul bought a similar home in the area. Sicario’s star Benicio de Toro and Jennifer Lopez, A-listers, also own property in the area. Bitcoin is the best way to buy this property. Anybody interested in the property can reach out to the seller by email.


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