Tradara McLaurine Announces Release of Third Picture Book “I Want a Nickname”

Westfield, Indiana(Hexa PR Wire–September 29, 2023)–Author Tradara McLaurine broadens her literary palette with the announcement of her third picture book, “I Want a Nickname.” McLaurine navigates the tender terrain of self-identity through a child’s perspective, addressing the common yet emotionally intricate issue of name mispronunciation. This narrative is a continuity of McLaurine’s commitment to exploring real-life situations through children’s literature, following her previous works, “Why Mommy Works” and “Why Daddy Works.”

About the Book

“I Want a Nickname” centers around the protagonist, Shadaia, who, feeling dismayed by the persistent mispronunciation of her name, contemplates adopting a nickname. The unfolding narrative escorts young readers through Shadaia’s journey of self-discovery and acceptance, culminating in an empowering realization of the unique charm and significance embedded in her name.

About the Author

Tradara McLaurine is a dedicated mother, entrepreneur, and an avid storyteller whose narrative compositions aim to both inspire and educate. With a solid background in education and professional development, McLaurine effortlessly melds life lessons into engaging narrative arcs, making complex real-world issues approachable for young readers.

Accolades and Community Engagement

“I Want a Nickname” has garnered appreciation in the literary community, securing the Readers’ Favorite Award and the Independent Press Award. Beyond the pages, McLaurine has bridged the narrative to real-life interaction through a Back to School Book Tour, engaging with young learners in local elementary schools. The tour, which is set to continue in the Spring semester, provides a platform for children to explore the emotional and social dimensions surrounding personal identity and acceptance.

Upcoming Engagements

Schools and educational institutions are welcomed to be part of McLaurine’s Spring semester Back to School Book tour. Those interested in scheduling a visit may contact the author directly, opening a doorway to enriching discussions around the themes encapsulated in “I Want a Nickname.”

Contact Information

Tradara McLaurine: [email protected]

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