She Rises Studios Announces New Book Release to Empower Latina Entrepreneurs

New York, New York(Hexa PR Wire–July 6, 2023)–Multimedia company, She Rises Studios, announces the launch of its first book, “Breaking The Glass Ceiling,” through its new division, SRS Latina. The book is primarily intended to support Latina entrepreneurs.

About the Founders

Hanna Olivas, Founder of She Rises Studios
Hanna Olivas, Founder of She Rises Studios

The CEO and Founder of She Rises Studios, Hanna Olivas, along with her daughter and Co-Founder Adriana Luna Carlos, identified a pressing need for increased support and representation for Hispanic women in business, especially during the challenging times of the pandemic. They aim to address this gap through the narratives of accomplished Latinas shared in the newly published book.

About “Breaking The Glass Ceiling”

She Rises Studios Announces New Book Release to Empower Latina Entrepreneurs
She Rises Studios Announces New Book Release to Empower Latina Entrepreneurs

“Breaking The Glass Ceiling” is a compilation of stories from 20 influential Latinas who are challenging the status quo, transforming narratives, and transcending barriers in the corporate world. The book delves into their battles and the tenacity required to ascend the professional hierarchy.

The Journey of She Rises Studios

Initial challenges faced by She Rises Studios included overcoming societal biases due to their gender and ethnic backgrounds. Despite these obstacles, the company has now successfully published over 27 Amazon bestsellers. The establishment of the Latina division aims to offer women a platform to enhance their entrepreneurial skills and access necessary resources for their success.

Empowerment through Publication

With a commitment to empowering women and assisting them in realizing their potential, “Breaking The Glass Ceiling” aligns with the mission of She Rises Studios. The book provides inspiration for Latinas seeking to make a difference in their personal lives and communities. It includes inspiring tales from Latinas in diverse sectors, such as fashion, finance, and entrepreneurship, among others.

The Growth of Latino-Owned Businesses

Over the past decade, Latino-owned businesses have experienced substantial growth. According to a study from Stanford University, Latino-owned businesses have seen a 34% growth rate, compared to just 1% for all businesses. Furthermore, Latinos in the United States contribute to $2.3 trillion in economic activity, equivalent to the fifth largest economy globally.

About She Rises Studios

She Rises Studios is a global multimedia firm that promotes women’s stories in print, television, film, and digital formats. With bases in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and New York City, co-founders Hanna Olivas and Adriana Luna Carlos host the She Rises Studios Podcast. They are also Amazon best-selling authors and motivational speakers with a global outreach. Their mission is to empower women of all life stages to overcome adversities and develop an unstoppable mindset. For more information, visit

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