BetBrain Announces Platform Redesign with New Features

Bucharest, Romania(Hexa PR Wire–September 15, 2023 )BetBrain, a longstanding odds comparison website, has announced a redesigned platform. Established in 2000, the company aims to maintain its core functionalities while introducing several new features.

The Company’s History

Since its inception in the early 2000s, BetBrain has been a notable player in the betting industry. The platform has integrated over 100 odds feeds from various bookmakers across the globe. It has facilitated punters in optimizing their gains by offering an array of bookmaker reviews and odds.

New Features

The revamped platform introduces a range of features:

  • Social Betting Platform: Users can engage in social competitions and leaderboards.
  • Community Betting Tips: Free tips are available from active members.
  • Enhanced Statistics: Both live and pre-live match stats are now available.
  • Professional Match Previews: Comprehensive analyses of top leagues are offered.
  • News Section: A segment for current updates in the sports and betting world.
  • Academy and Responsible Gambling: Educational material and a section dedicated to responsible gambling are included.

Statement from CEO Viorel Stan

Viorel Stan, CEO of BetBrain, stated that the redesign aims to make BetBrain a comprehensive resource for both sports enthusiasts and punters. “The intention is to provide all the necessary information for making informed betting decisions,” said Stan.

About BetBrain

BetBrain was established in 2000 and integrates odds from over 100 bookmakers. The platform has consistently been a resource for punters seeking optimal betting opportunities.

Contact Information

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