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PRICE RELEASE “Play & Earn” is no longer a strange term for most GameFi believers. Recently, Remitano Network, Remitano’s blockchain network, has launched a novel airdrop in the format of “Play to Earn”, allowing users to own the network’s RENEC token in the form of “group mining”.

Remitano.com now offers free daily RENEC Solo Mining. Now users can mine in teams to get a bigger RENEC token reward. The mining pool, also known as a mining area, is where the members of the group will be able to split a greater amount of RENEC token airdrops than they would if they were mining alone. This happens after 24 hours.

This airdrop, which is relatively new in the market makes traditional airdrops less dull.

Participation is quite simple. Sign up now for your free Remitano account to start mining alone or with a group.

Free RENEC mining Click here!

Please refer to the official RENEC Whitepaper.

The RENEC mining program is limited to a maximum of the end of Q3 of 2022, so the sooner you join the better your chances of owning more of the exchange’s tokens.

Remitano Network Launches Testnet

Remitano Network Team has launched Testnet (remittance network) at the beginning of April 2022. It promises to make strong moves in Remitano’s world-famous crypto exchange of 9 years, Remitano.

Testnet’s network was launched by the Testnet RENEC token wallet. Registered users can receive 100 testing RENEC to their wallet. You may also sign up to receive 100 RENEC into the Testnet wallet here.

The RENEC mainnet will launch between Q2 and Q3 2022. This is the same time that the RENEC airdrop program finishes.

Remitano Network’s potential

You can also take advantage of RENEC Token ownership from now on. But, what is the community most interested in? Which applications will first appear on the network?

Although the development team has not officially announced the first applications to run on the network, with recent observations based on Remitano’s activities, we can predict their next steps. Here’s what we’ve been able to observe in recent times:

According to the RENEC Whitepaper’s development roadmap, a first decentralized exchange will launch on the Remitano Network later this year. This is the foundation of most blockchain networks.

Remitano discusses the potential for P2P transactions to be made between cryptocurrency and fiat using the blockchain. Imagine that RENEC, the first blockchain capable of supporting ramp off ramp, will be able to provide users with a decentralized KYC service.

This is what this means for decentralized application developers (dApps). Take, for example, popular play-to-earn games like AXEI, STEPN. To be eligible to exchange between crypto and fiat, new users must register on multiple exchanges before being able to participate in the app. Developers are limited by this barrier.

Remitano Network supports decentralized KYC via the blockchain so P2P fiat cryptocurrency trading can be done right from decentralized apps. Users can cash in money out of the app easily without needing to travel or have any blockchain knowledge. App developers can reach the entire population and quickly reach new customers by using this feature.

NFT5, BombCrypto, and ToCom are likely to be the first projects using this method.

What few people realize is that NFT5.io and Remitano have entered into strategic alliances in 2022. Therefore, NFT can be expected to be the most prominent app on the blockchain network within the next few years.

Remitano is also collaborating with BombCrypto (an NFT gaming platform in the Play to Earn) by the 2021 end.

According to unofficial sources, Play to Earn is a GameFi group that will invest and develop cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Remitano has developed a site called https://tocom.io/ that was recently shared by GameFi’s community.

These facts can be used to create a vision of the Remitano Network Blockchain’s future. Are you convinced that the network has enormous growth potential?


Remitano has more than 30 million users worldwide and is the biggest peer-to–peer (p2p?) cryptocurrency trading platform. Users can buy cryptocurrency and bitcoin easily through the escrowed, p2p marketplace. Remitano has a strong market position in the p2p marketplace space. The platform features an intuitive user interface, 24-hour customer support and some of the best fees.

Do you have questions?

Remitano can be reached via:

E-mail: marketing@remitano.com

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