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The last week has seen NFT sales remain flat. Data from the seven previous days shows that NFT sales were 8.11 percent lower than the week before. However, some NFT collections experienced significant sales increases despite the slump. Collections like Electricsheep and Moonbirds Oddities saw significant spikes of between 90-plus thousand% to over 16,000%.

NFT Sales Down 8% as Ethereum-Based NFTs Command 83% of This Week’s $159 Million in Sales Volume

  • Data from the last seven days indicates that $159.24 million in NFT sales have been recorded, which is 8.11% lower than the week prior’s $173.29 million in sales. $133.45million, or 83%, of the total NFT sales this week was derived via Ethereum-based NFTs.
  • The 17 remaining blockchain networks accounted for the remainder of sales. While Ethereum captured the lion’s share, NFT sales stemming from the ETH chain are down 8.16% this week. One blockchain to have seen significant seven-day gains has been the Palm network which increased by 60.50%, followed closely by the Flow blockchain, which rose 40.12%.
  • Flow and Palm saw NFT sales growth during the previous seven days, as did Fantom, Arbitrum and Cronos. The biggest loser in terms of NFT sales this past week is Waves, as the chain’s NFT sales are down 61.44% lower than the week prior.
  • While most NFT sales came from Bored Ape Yacht Club, (BAYC), this week’s BAYC NFT collection was responsible for the majority of them. But BAYC sales have fallen 5.06%. The compilation Potatoz and Sorare Football are closely followed by Otherdeed and Moonbird Oddities.
  • Moonbird Oddities experienced a 266.10% increase in weekly sales over the week, while NFT Electricsheep saw an incredible 16,591.74% jump. Moonbird Oddities sales this week were also driven by the increased interest. They are now 92.27% more than last week.
  • Bored Ape Yacht Club #5,555 was the most costly NFT sale of this week. It sold six days earlier for 270ether, or $427K. Following BAYC #5,555, Cryptopunk #9650 sold for 169ether or $264K, six days later. Otherdeed #89944, BAYC#6,775, BAYC #3,814 were the next most costly NFT sales.
  • The NFT marketplaces with the most sales this week stem from Opensea, X2Y2, Magic Eden, and Looksrare, according to Tuesday’s stats. Opensea is nearing $32 billion in all-time sales globally with $31.51 billion, and Looksrare’s market follows behind Opensea in all-time sales records with $1.57 billion.
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