NFT Collection BitColors Acquires Crypto Media Platform BTC Peers

  • BitColors acquired BTC Peers, a crypto media outlet.
  • This is the NFT’s first acquisition of media platforms

It is important to reach and influence a wider crypto audience to increase your chances of future success. This makes it interesting to observe how. NFTCollections aim to attract a wider audience. Projects are often focused on creating hype in order to allow artists or speculators take advantage of the momentum and flip assets. Others take a longer-term view.

I follow updates of BitColors because the collection striving to be a different type of NFT project, and it’s interesting to see how it will turn out. In order to dive deeper into the community and possibly benefit from their holdings, I purchased 3 BitColors.

The project allows users to trade and own NFT colours, which is a novel concept in the world non-fungible tokens. These NFT colors are used in a variety of projects, including a comic, an illustration of time and Roman numerals or even a virtual collection. [rare]There are many species of butterflies. It is also not just another boring project for avatars, although there are many in today’s NFT universe.

Influencing Crypto Enthusiasts Via Media

BitColors’ success in NFT has been significant. It is important to keep moving forward. OpenSea currently trades 215ETH of the collection’s total volume.

One way to bring a broader audience to the BitColors NFT project – and any ventures derived from these NFT colors – is by influencing crypto-enthusiasts via media. BitColors recently acquired BTC Peers, a leading platform for crypto news media.

Projects can use crypto media platforms to reach a wide audience. A better decision than buying individual marketing campaigns is to acquire a respected name in this industry.

BTC Peers is a platform that does not collect data and avoids annoying marketing tactics like pop-unders and pop-ups. Every reader is treated with respect and this aligns with BitColors overall vision. Additionally, the platform has thousands of internet resources – including Shpigel, Wikipedia,,,, etc – using them as a source, instilling trust in the platform and the content it provides.

Closing Thoughts

NFT continues to evolve and grow rapidly. To be successful in this highly competitive marketplace, it is essential to build a strong art project. It is essential that projects create an international brand and build an ecosystem. One example is acquiring crucial resources such as news outlets, which can be achieved through ways that are not otherwise possible.

It also allows projects to communicate their messages in a clear and unfiltered way. That is a crucial difference-maker for NFT collections seeking to tug on people’s emotions and heartstrings, like BitColors.

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