Monsterra Tackles Existing NFT Gaming Issues via Free-To-Play-To-Earn Model

Gaming is experiencing a rapid evolution. NFT gaming is a growing industry that allows players to earn digital assets and sell them at will.

Despite the rapid growth of this niche, many players face prohibitive entry fees.

Monsterra is a game that allows players to play for no cost and still earn a living. Earning is an important part of the game in order to encourage loyalty. However, the main focus is to create an inspiring and exciting gameplay experience that keeps it entertaining. To slow down inflation, and to maintain an in-game balanced economy, it features a unique dual token design. Monsterra users do not pay gas fees for getting started. They only have to pay a transaction charge when they convert their assets into NFT.

Monsterra Ecosystem

Monsterra is a dual chain-based game on the Binance Smart Chain & Terra networks, inspired by the gameplay of Axie Infinity, Clash of Clans, and Boom Beach. Monsterra is set in a fantasy world and revolves around property and farming. It also features the ability to battle other players and magical Mongens (guardians of Monster Terra), who are able to help you fight for your land.


Five races are made up of the main Mongen characters: Beast, Tectos Mystic Celest and Chaos. These creatures can be used to produce, defend lands and launch attacks.

Each character’s stats are calculated via unique DNA codes based upon race, traits, and rarity figures. The rarity of a character is classified further into uncommon, rare and epic. Mongens can also level up in order to increase their abilities over time. They have an unparalleled breeding mechanism that allows them to make hybrid characters.


The Monsterra’s building blocks are plots. There are eight types of plots that serve different purposes. These include core, defence, production and food storage.


Users will need to create a land frame that includes a variety of rarities, diverse themes and different limits on development in order to connect the plots. You have many options to purchase land. Users can customize their plots, and grow crops to make an in-game currency to support the Mongens.

In-Game Currency

Monsterra uses a dual token model that utilizes MSTR and MAG, to guarantee the sustainability and scalability the in-game ecosystem.


MSTR is the Monsterra’s primary token. It can be used to buy land or marketplace items and other in-game activities. The supply is limited at 100,000,000.

MSTR can also be staked by players in yield farms and innovative staking pools. Users will receive shared revenues from the game while being allowed to still use assets for their game activities. MSTR is also required to be a part of the Monsterra DAO governance.


Monsterra uses MAG as a secondary token. There is an unlimited supply, which can be controlled by a burning mechanism. You can earn the MAG token by completing quests and winning battles. This token is then used for gaming purposes, such as plot upgrades, breeding, evolving, fusion and skill learning.


Monsterra allows players to claim in-game free items, including one default land as well as two Soulcores that can be used for incubating new Mongens. You can now engage in various game activities, including four battle modes. They will nurture your Mongen squads and expand their territory.

Adventure Mode

Adventure Mode lets players create Mongen Squads that explore new territories and fight for reward tokens. The players will land on NPC territory and then use strategic strategies to conquer obstacles and get the most out of the soil.

Boss Challenge Mode

Boss Challenge Mode Players lead Mongen armies that conquer the lands of dreadful beasts. They will be crowned the victorious and expand their territory.

Battlefront Mode

This mode allows players to take on others and raid their lands in order to get the resources they need. If an attacker fails to succeed, they must pay the rewards to successful defense landowners.

Arena Mode

Arena Mode allows you to compete against Mongen teams in arena matches to claim betting prizes. Each player wagers a predetermined amount of MAG tokens. The winning player receives the entire amount and the losing player is charged a 5% administration fee.

Get the Roadmap

Monsterra’s INO and IDO are anticipated by the end of the year. The launch of Adventure Mode, an NFT marketplace and staking services for yield and staking, as well as the DAO should be completed by Q1 2022. Before Monsterra becomes multi-chained and multi-platform, the remaining battle modes will be available in Q2-2022.




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