MetaMall Successfully Completes Seed, Strategic and Private Sale Rounds raising $4.6 million from crypto heavyweights

MetaMall just as the name implies is a Mall in the Metaverse where three of the world’s biggest technologies right now (VR, NFTs and DeFi) converge. Virtual Real Estate is available for users to buy, rent, lease and even sell. They can also create and sell Real Estate through NFTs and organize virtual gaming, events, galleries, and other activities. You can interact with the most prominent brands from commerce, entertainment and business industries right from your home.

MetaMall token holders will be known as Metamallers. The platform will act as the primary hub for all crypto-lovers. The first-ever location that offers crypto knowledge and immersive entertainment will offer users access. Metamallers are able to earn money through selling Real Estate and playing games.

MetaMall uses the Solana Network, which allows fast transaction completion and low fuel fees. It also features cross-chain support wallets. This is an entire VR shopping and lifestyle experience zone and we are pleased to announce that we’ve completed all our token sale rounds and our land sale is now live.

$4.6 million was raised in our Funding round – Seed/Angel/Series A: Pre-IDO (which is now closed) through token sales and over $1 million has been raised so far through NFT Real Estate sales. Some of the industry’s leading Venture Capital firms were among the investors in these rounds. Among these investors are 316VC and MarsVC, WLI Capital as well as BullPerks, HVS Ventures and CCK Ventures.

A representative of MarsVC, one of the investors said, “Metamall has been a wonderful partner of ours. Serge and team’s experience in building innovative companies and vision of metaverse will make Metamall an exemplary success.”

Serge Gianchandani, the co-founder of MetaMall and a serial entrepreneur who has 12 patents for 3D and VR imagery products. He is also the founder and CEO of Egg Solution Optronics. Serge Gianchandani was the world’s leader in immersive tech. Serge was co-founder of Moksha. He grew the company to Zero to $20 Million with more than 300 clients around the globe, such as Amazon, Kmart and Flipkart. Serge sold his first company to Wave Comm, Anant Nahata who is now the owner of KOOVS.

Sahan Ray, the other half the founder team for MetaMall, is an IIT Alumni and IIM Alumni. Sahan led many businesses that reached Unicorn Status. As AVP Revenue, Sahan was responsible for the execution and planning of large-scale projects at Benetton. Sahan led the business leadership team that achieved 40X growth within 23 months and crossed’s $2 billion annual trading.

Serge Gianchandani shared his thoughts on the closing of funding rounds. “We see generations of users spending quality time on Metaverse for gaming, social networking as well as building wealth. Metamall, a unique combination of NFT, metaverse and crypto, allows users to enrich their experience and brands, individuals, and owners of experience, can connect with their audiences. We are very excited as this journey enters its next phase.”

These funds will be used for scaling up our marketing and tech teams, as well as to collaborate with top tech platforms and designers in order to provide the best gaming and retail experience possible.

Noting that we have closed our pre-IDO token allocation to raise funds and that NFT land sales on MetaMall are currently underway, it is worth mentioning. However, the land sale will close before our IDO in January 2022. We are looking to take the MetaMall platform to live in 6 months and we’re well on schedule to achieve this in that time frame.

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