Merging NFTs, DeFi, and Gaming Into a Play-To-Earn Metaverse

The race to set up the building blocks of the metaverse is on and many companies are hard at work establishing the world’s first open-source, decentralized virtual universe.

NFTs, or Non-Fungible Tokens, have been a major driver of this market. They are now worth more than ever due to the rising price of cryptocurrency.

SIDUS HEROES is the largest initiative currently working on a metaverse with a game-to-earn system. The SIDUS HEROES project is a pioneering Web Graphics library (WebGL), as well as a massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG), set in an outer space metaverse, at a moment when machines merge with living beings. Inside the SIDUS HEROES universe, life, as we know it, has changed beyond anything we’d recognize today, and the technology, having permeated everyday life, has passed the point of no return.

The game provides players with the adventure of interstellar exploration and a battle royale experience, as well as the opportunity to build social, political, and economic partnerships within the game’s ecosystem. With its game-to-earn system, the metaverse allows players to fight for limited resources scattered across its universe.

The platform’s economy is supported by a two-token system – one that is used in payment for work or services rendered and the other to enable voting as members of the platform’s decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

SIDUS HEROES: What is it?

At its core, SIDUS HEROES is an MMORPG that’s built using the play-to-earn model, which means it incorporates aspects of decentralized finance, NFTs, and blockchain connectivity. It hopes this will help to create a vibrant metaverse economy.

SIDUS HORROES, a brand new video game that rewards players for taking part in their actions and efforts. Thanks to the incorporation of NFTs into its blockchain, each player gets ownership rights over the in-game assets they either earn as rewards or purchase using the platform’s native tokens.

The game’s internal economy is built with tangible value in mind, thereby making a substantial contribution to the leisure economy in which players can earn a living from simply playing games and interacting on the platform.

What’s more, SIDUS HEROES takes the entire concept to an entirely different level owing to an infrastructure that allows players to engage with the platform, without having to download sophisticated applications onto their PC, Android, iOS or Mac devices.

Players can experience the SIDUS-HEROES universe with just a click. The platform also includes a Web Graphics Library (WebGL).

The SIDUS HEROES game works

Like I mentioned, the game’s futuristic setting is populated by twelve races. There are different communities within the game’s metaverse based on the different races. The features that come with a player’s avatar are determined by the race it belongs to.

Because of differences in races, there are clashes and battles within the game. To push for a common goal within SIDUS HOROES, players can join forces with people from other backgrounds.

The Arena allows players to build legions of fighting soldiers, fight with each other in battle or even challenge one another to a duel. Some players choose to go on adventures in the SIDUS HEOES metaverse or plunder virtual seas as pirates. The SIDUS HEROES Universe also offers hidden treasures, such as monsters, bred space creatures, and additional resources that can be used to tame, brew, or even used in combat. These in-game space creatures are bought as NFTs and can be traded for other digital assets within the platform’s ecosystem.

What’s more, players with a creative bent can become farmers, builders, and creators using the platform’s NFTs infrastructure to mint new in-game assets that can be sold within the platform’s ecosystem.


The platform’s economic model influences the gaming experience and is tied to its play-to-earn model, which is designed to incentivize players to keep coming back to the platform. The team behind the platform believes that the incentives built into the metaverse are enough to keep each player engaged for at least 3 years, thanks to the earning opportunities they’ve incorporated into it.

Players don’t just earn from fighting, there are rewards to be had from contributing to the labor market through the platform’s supported professions, which depend on where the player prefers to operate. Each profession has an important role in the game’s ecosystem.

SIDUS HEROES has a dual-token currency. These native tokens include the SIDUS (SIDUS) and the SENATE (SENATE).

Both tokens act as the platform’s internal currency and can be used to make purchases. The SENATE token cannot be used for premium assets like virtual parcels of land, spaceships, or station modules. The SIDUS token, on the other hand, is primarily used to purchase wearable NFTs for a player’s avatar, as well as other enhancements and equipment within the game.

When it comes to the platform’s governance and decision-making through the DAO, players holding the SENATE token get to vote on various changes to the SIDUS HEROES universe. With the SIDUS token, payments for platform commissions and other services are made.

Both tokens benefit from a deflationary process, which creates positive pressure on the demand for the platform’s in-game assets. Maximum supply for SENATE tokens is 300 million, and 30 billion respectively for SIDUS tokens.

The SIDUS-HEROES Metaverse has NFTs

The key element of any metaverse building is using non-fungible tokens. This team, led by the SIDUS HEROES Project, has brought together many artists and developers in order to create a new NFT concept.

Each in-game object, no matter its size, be it a spaceship, a character or piece of equipment is an NFT. Each player can access the platform using a custom blockchain network, WebGL technology and a proprietary blockchain network.

WebGL allows players to jump into the game, experience amazing 3D graphics and interact with the metaverse of the SIDUS-HEROES metaverse. All they need is a browser. This makes access to the platform’s NFTs very easy, especially for a global audience who is eager for a simplified way to own and trade NFTs.

Not only can NFTs be bought and sold on the platform’s marketplace, but there are also special edition NFTs. The platform has three NFT collections, including the SIDUS NFT HORIES, SIDUS GENESIS NFTs and SIDUS ACADEMY NFTs. SIDUS NFTHEROES has 6,000 character options. Each NFT in the collection is available for purchase to get an In-Game Character or ticket to SIDUS GENESIS.

SIDUS NFT GENESIS NFT is a collection that originated from the SIDUS NFT ROES collection. The set includes a brand new assortment of NFT cards, each with varying levels of rarity. Every rare card gives a player entry to the game.

SIDUS ACADEMY NFTS are a group of NFTS which can transform into characters in game. They allow their owners access to SIDUS HEROES’ metaverse and game.

Partnerships with SIDUS HEROES and Future Outlook

The SIDUS HEROES group plans to keep its partnership-building strategy going forward with prominent investors and YouTube stars. This will allow the project to gain support from prominent blockchain and crypto VC firms as well as social media influencers.

The team has partnered so far with quite a few notable people in blockchain, such as Anti Fund (the fast-growing VC Fund), founded by Jake Paul and Geoffrey Woo (the well-known YouTuber and entrepreneur).

Apart from Jake Paul’s contribution, the SIDUS HEROES project will also benefit from influencers such as Alex Becker, MrBeast, and EllioTrade, who collectively bring with them an audience of over 120 million.

SIDUS HEROES will increase its universe by adding new star system, launching a mobile website version and introducing a reputation rewards program for SIDUS token loyalists.

The launchpad will allow players to access capital to support their in-game projects.

The SIDUS HEROES group is hard at work developing the platform and ensuring stability of the tokenomics model. The platform’s roadmap envisions a future where NFTs will be used in various ways, including for the purchase of virtual garments, land, avatars, homes, and other items within the game. The intention is to introduce a type of gameplay that’s designed to incentivize players to go beyond seeking entertainment, one that empowers them to become investors and entrepreneurs in their own right.


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