Is There a Way to Expand DeFi?

The industry’s ability to grow, evolve and change with the ever-growing market is almost a given. Decentralized finance (DeFi), projects are often launched to demonstrate what they can do to make it the next big thing.

These efforts lead to the realization that DeFi can be used in a variety of ways, including through the creation of a network for cryptocurrency investors who will help platforms gain visibility and fund their projects.

System Problems Reduced

Optimus Ventures is a DeFi project. They aim to make crowdsourcing easier and reduce fundraising costs in their initial stages. It is fairly easy to start their project on the platform after filling a form and listing out the necessary details per the needs of the user’s jurisdiction.

It supports three of the most important chains, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon. Therefore, there’s little chance that developers will face any problems of cross-chain incompatibility.

Although it was launched on some of the largest DeFi chains, the platform is also a semi-automatic cross-chain launchpad and is supported by smart contracts. The platform has already funded over 10 projects with more than 200 investors. This allows for smoother interaction between the investors and projects launching on the launchpad.

There are a number of automated tools which project developers can use in exchange for crowdsourcing and fundraising processes, and many projects offer only a few ways to officially fundraise with added security for a user’s investment.

Which Tokens Are Driving Change?

Native tokens often have their own governance systems and stake protocols. OPTCM is the native token for Optimus and it’s the currency that allows investors and projects to launch on the platform. The platform is compatible with the three most important chains: Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. Therefore, there’s little chance that developers will face any problems of cross-chain incompatibility.

DeFi Expansion: Benefits

To differentiate themselves and other platforms on the market, all kinds of projects want to grow their launchpad. Investors and projects can both benefit from the launchpad’s advantages, such as guaranteed allocations and a 2-way vetting process.

Optimus Ventures offers a variety of services that can be helpful to projects who are searching for a way to begin their financing process. The investors’ community is a huge advantage for any endeavor seeking to create an all-in-one platform.

You don’t need to go to different platforms to get exposure. This community has a lot of expertise and is very knowledgeable. It’s very simple to fund a project. Fill out the form, wait for the approval of the community, and then submit it to the auditors.

This system prevents investors from engaging in the so-called rug pulling strategies. Launchpad protects investors and investments to avoid token devaluation after initial launch.

Investments: Cashing In

These are some of the ways you can make investing in blockchain-based projects easier.

Investors who want to capitalize on blockchain technology are often misled by developers. Optimus Ventures appoints auditors for each initiative, and then puts them to a vote within the community.

No project goes live without approval from the community, ensuring the safety of the users’ funds. Any person can join the community by holding just 1,000 OPTCM — without any hassle.

A proprietary smart contract backs the launchpad, which ensures the venture is only approved by investors. This protects the project from unauthorized actions and provides a broad coverage. Investors can also benefit from additional security provided by experts that validate the project at the beginning stages.

How to determine which project is best

Because of a lot of different vetting procedures, stakers and DeFi users have figured out what works and what doesn’t. Two-way vesting allows both investor tokens and project funds to be exposed, making it possible for investors to find better funding options. You can also check if the platform offers better investments through dynamic allocation of money so that dumpers don’t have higher funds.

Coincidentally Optimus Ventures features are different from those of other platforms. This is especially true with a lot YouTubers supporting it and the fact that the platform has quickly gained a good reputation since its launch on December 15, 2021.

It is essential that investors and projects benefit from the dynamic allocation of funds integrated into launchpad. This will help to breed high-quality investors which in turn leads to top-quality services.

Our goal is to balance the risks taken by both investors and project managers. It is possible that a project will fail to deliver. Optimus Ventures helps investors reduce the risk.

The Next Step

There will always be opportunities for innovation and change in fundraising. Optimus Ventures can help the market move forward with its various types of allocation, mutual audits, and other features. Let’s find out what works best for the future of crypto fundraising so that investors can be protected regardless of the platform.

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