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PRESS RELEASE. InVar Finance just built a new facility InVaria2222RWA tokenization, currently in the first phase. InVar plans to provide hybrid financial services, bridging crypto with the real world, like TradFi with DeFi or RWA tokenization that pertains to real assets. InVaria2222, a traditional investor in real estate, created the RWA tokenization industry. It offered transparency, access, low frictions, higher composability, and increased accessibility.

What’s there to know?

To foster the innovation in RWA investments and wider adoption of crypto, the team has strong relationships with real estate developers and regulators.

RWA tokenization has the potential to generate substantial funds that can flow into the cryptocurrency space. The real estate market alone is capable of generating significant amounts. With a market for real estate worth $300 trillion worldwide, tokenizing even 1% of this market could triple the existing cryptocurrency market cap. Real estate, however, is only one sector of RWA.

To increase innovation and user base, decentralized economies must be integrated with real economics. The majority of crypto projects and protocols are dependent on one-revenue structures. This makes it difficult to sustain token and user price growth. It exposes the vulnerability of the whole cryptocurrency market which can also be subject to volatility and unpredictability.

What else can InVar do for you?

With years of experience in key areas like asset management, fund administration, and investment strategy. InVar Finance’sThe team is determined to take the lead in hybrid finance and make the most of the best of both. As they believe that the RWA will be a strong foundation for both the development and acceleration of hybrid finance, the team will maintain close relationships with top corporations and regulators to achieve this goal.

Having been inspired by Jacob’s (Zora Founder) concept of ‘Hyperstructure’ and many failure cases in the DeFi and stablecoin areas, InVar Finance realized that there was a clear need for both DeFi and the real economy to come together. The key to a sustainable ecosystem is the design and construction of a solid and trust-minimized HyFi network. This will allow coders and trusted communities to run it.

How about your past achievements and goals for the future?

InVar’s most notable achievements in this year would be their strategic alliances with top real estate developers, property acquisition and the InVaria2222 MVP Launch. InVar’s business plan was also presented to regulatory bodies in Bahrain and Taiwan within the first six months of 2022. This helped them to achieve their objectives. In the past couple of months they also have developed key partnerships with top crypto exchanges, VCs, and other VCs.

InVaria2222 RWA tokenized World will continue to be the primary focus of the year’s future goals. Following the creation of the RWA fractionalization model the team also researched and created an iteration RWA model. These use cases are being expanded. RWA-backed NFT owners can borrow capital through either a crypto bank, or an established one. Furthermore, DeFi protocols, DAOs and financial institutions can adopt InVar’s RWA model into their economic system and ecosystem, either as an asset management strategy or stable reserve.

InVar’s product development and operation are ongoing. InVar is working hard to support PropTech in the Gulf Area and to verify the RWA tokenization framework with Bahraini authorities. InVaria2222 is developing a model that will tokenize various types of RWAs. It has flexibility embedded and can be easily integrated with other services. The concept and project roadmap are in a pre-concord. Future collaboration could be possible.

InVar finance

The name ‘InVar’ is derived from invariable, which refers to determining financial services that should be consistent with the mission, a solid base layer beneath the protocol, and a steel-like token economic system.

InVar Finance is a firm believer that real value capture is crucial to an economy with trust and high productivity. Therefore, acquiring the best productive real-world assets is the first step in compliance preparation. The goal of InVar Finance is to make a positive impact on the rapidly growing crypto market by being responsible for financial innovation. InVar Finance also aims to establish itself as a reliable platform for hybrid finance.

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