Interview with Crypterium CEO Vladimir Gorbunov about and CHO token

Vladimir Gorbunov founded and is CEO of Crypterium. This wallet and neobank app supports 600,000 clients from 170 different countries. has been launched recently by the company with a brand new token, CHO token. will enable users to swap between centralised (CeFi) and decentralised  (DeFi) finance at the press of a button, meaning they can harness the power and benefits of both digital asset worlds.

We recently spoke with Gorbunov regarding Crypterium’s new product launch and learned all about the exciting plans for

Q: What does it mean? How can it transform the Crypterium user experience today?

A: is a clear and logical next step in our company’s evolution. With the aim of creating a simple crypto-fiat wallet, we entered the market in the early days of DeFi.  Crypterium, a global cryptocurrency-bank, has been one of most accessible and easy-to-use for purchasing, exchanging, or withdrawing cryptocurrencies.

DeFi’s market is maturing and has experienced rapid growth. In the interim, consumers are seeking cross-chain options and decentralized markets. DeFi enables great returns as users interact directly – the liquidity they provide increases market efficiencies and yields by eliminating intermediaries.

Crypterium-like CeFi companies have made it easy for consumers to make money on their crypto funds. The DeFi industry offers higher returns than traditional banking, which is why our users are keen to take advantage of them. However, this can be difficult today and it’s not easy for many people. Crypterium continues to be committed to the cryptocurrency world being as accessible and easy as money. is our unique solution.

At the heart of is a new, in-house DeFi ecosystem — Charism, a suite of products, including a non-custodial wallet, cross-chain bridges, decentralized derivatives and other DeFi solutions. This will enable Crypterium users to not only access all the advantages of the CeFi world, such as easy exchange, payments and money transfers, but also DeFi’s higher returns.

We estimate that these unique “choice to earn more” opportunities will be available to 100 million users around the world who will enter this market in the next few years.

Q: Is a more successful platform because of the CHO token?

A:’s mission is to give users the option of earning more. We will only do what we can in three years to help people use their potential funds. To do this we design products to appeal both to new users as well as existing customers so everyone will receive 10% instead or 5% yield.

Deposits will be even more lucrative because of all these potential opportunities.

The addition of a new token called the CHO token is intended to increase product and community capability in the distributed market. Our new token was influenced by several factors. The company’s recent seed-funding and registration in the UK FCA, our Visa card launch in America, and B2B offerings are all part of our strategy to scale. Our company has a clearly defined strategic plan to achieve a global capitalization of $10billion and build a multimillion-dollar user base.

Charism, which is an independent DeFi ecosystem, must be built in the same DeFi manner as other DeFi systems. It will use a special token to support its protocols. The CHO token allows efficient protocols to be deployed in a distributed environment while remaining independent from the company. The CHO token allows users to participate in the Charism ecosystem by voting, governance and other mechanisms. This will allow them to have an impact on key decisions.

Q: Is there a way CHO and CRPT will interact? Will CRPT still be the platform’s main token of interaction?

A:The backbone of the new DeFi ecosystem is going to be our CHO token. CRPT was, is, and will continue to be the primary token of our CeFi functionality, being the platform’s utility token.

Our goal with CHO is complete decentralization. We also want to create a tokenholder community that can help influence the development and governance of’s decentralized protocols.

The transaction fee and “burn” models in Crypterium remain in place. Crypterium owners and holders of CRPT tokens will receive a bonus CHO token. It will be available through airdrops and as bonuses to any account activity. So CHO will have the additional advantage of stimulating activity within Crypterium’s centralized world. The CHO budget, which will amount to 10% of total CHO token supplies over the next 2 years, will be distributed through multiple airdrop programs among active CRPT tokenholders.

CHO’s sale rounds are for the creation of a community as well as long-term partnerships. Initial funds are intended to provide liquidity for the token. As is the case with many DeFi protocols. Charism also needs liquidity, especially during launch. It is a win-win scenario for both users and This will allow us to build a successful new ecosystem.

At the same time, the example of other companies, for example, С with their capitalization of several tens of millions of dollars, shows that the appearance of the second token has a positive effect on the development of the ecosystem and its success.

Q: Can you list all the advantages associated with Charism DeFi?

A:Charism DeFi is built on a non custodial wallet. Today, there are many blockchains and more are being developed. Many have exciting features but to access them, you have to have an app or service for each one and also have funds within each blockchain for initial transactions – this is hugely inconvenient.

The DeFi protocol aggregator allows users to not only switch networks, but to also see all available options in one place. Our custodial wallet will allow us to offer additional services, which we hope to make our users more income. Our users will be familiar with some of these services, including token and swap purchase. Future plans include the addition of derivatives as well as other solutions. However, this will be dependent upon regulations.

For interoperability, we have built a Charism transaction builder protocol that allows you to aggregate transactions in the centralized wallet and send those transactions to wherever you want — even to a decentralized network. This could be the purchase of an LP token, a new coin, a swap, or other decentralized activities Everything will be within our protocol and allow our users to access both CeFi and DeFi worlds  with the press of a single button – we think this is very exciting for our users and unique in today’s market

Q:What made the decision to create your own protocol in house?

A: Companies are beginning to combine the DeFi and CeFi capabilities. One of these companies is us.

In fact, we didn’t just want to build DeFi. We wanted to launch “MetaFi”, which has required us to create our own protocol. The current market does not have a solution like this. This is something we know, so we started nine months ago to increase our company’s expertise, search for solutions and add team members. We also analyzed how best to implement these solutions. To bridge the two worlds, Charism is set to be released in the very near future.

Q: Do you believe that decentralized benefits will most revolutionize the user experience?

A:Our customers will see the greatest benefit in our cryptocurrency market as income generation. Many people see the cryptocurrency market as a place to make money and invest. Crypterium, together with  will make it much easier for consumers to enter the DeFi market and follows our ongoing mission to create transparent, easy-to-use and customer-centric access to the world of digital assets.

Q: You think that there is no future for decentralized exchanges or bridged CeFi/DeFi platforms?

A:In the coming years, we see two main trends. We can expect regulators to be more concerned with DeFi, but we also have the chance to innovate. These two worlds require bridges. Here at Crypterium,  we are leading in both directions: Crypterium has excellent experience working with regulators and we are world-leading in the way that we have made it simple and easy to access and use cryptocurrencies.

Q: Will’s innovation inspire other platforms to build something similar?

A: We consider ourselves pioneers in the cryptocurrency world – our original ICO was one of the most widely subscribed and we have created an app that is one of the simplest to use, on the market. We are confident that we will create innovative solutions for the market and new trends. You have to understand though that we haven’t announced all of our plans in full; and we shall introduce services which we think will be revolutionary. What we’re doing today is the first big step towards that new world.

Q: Users can pick between a CeFi and a DeFi. Which platform will they choose?

A:As regulators become more involved in the digital asset markets, it will be interesting to observe how this impacts them. However, we believe the choice between DeFi or CeFi will favor MetaFi solutions, which offer a greater choice. We are confident that our CHO token will become the gold standard for decentralized tokens, allowing people to enjoy the benefits of “bridging” the CeFi and DeFiworlds and opening up opportunities for excellent returns in a simple easy-to-use way


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