BOSAGORA(BOA), signs business partnership with PIST TRUST

BOSAGORA has entered into a partnership with PIST TRUST, which is a digital asset management platform that uses blockchain technology.

BOSAGORA is a public Blockchain platform specialized on Metaverse. In May BOSAGORA launched the MetaCity Forum. It has since signed partnerships with companies like AIITONE (Canada), IBK Securities and KB Capital. Finger, Crowdy are just a few of many promising partners. To build an expanding ecosystem.

The ‘Global ESG Metacity Summit 2021’ with Namyangju City was successfully held at the same time at ‘The Wider Agora’, a Metaverse platform developed by the MetaCity Forum, and at the Jeong Yak-Yong Library in Namyangju. Don Tapscott, an IT genius and a keynote speaker at the summit, was a major drawcard.

PIST TRUST is an asset management platform that uses blockchain to digitally securitize assets. This platform allows for easy transfer of various virtual assets via cross-chain technology. It connects to multiple blockchains.

A NFT Marketplace has also been launched recently. This marketplace allows users to issue NFTs for various artworks, sounds sources and games to show copyright, ownership, or to trade the works. You can trade NFTs in the NFT Marketplace by connecting to PIST TRUST’s Metamask wallet.

With this agreement, BOSAGORA and PIST TRUST will cooperate through technical cooperation for developing the NFT marketplace based on BOSAGORA Metachain, entering the NFT marketplace based on the PIST ecosystem within Metacity’s Meta Media and providing related services as well as cooperation through providing mutual benefits for the development of both companies.

Inhwan Kim is the president of BOSAGORA. “At Metacity, where real economy and the virtual world come together, convenient yet various benefits will be provided to users through expanding tradable assets into digital assets such as NFTs.”

“As the role of the marketplace that becomes a marketplace is important within Metacity, we plan to do our best to develop an optimized NFT marketplace for Metacity in cooperation with several different partners from around the globe.”



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