Inheritance Art Is Redefining NFTs With a New Generation of Masterpieces

Inheritance Art is an online platform that specialises in hyper-realistic and holographic art. The platform’s entry into NFT was motivated by the desire to see more complex and captivating art. The current dominant artworks in this area are contemporary art by artists trying to replicate the trend. This leads to similar but distinct art.

In a market like this, other art forms like fine art seldom make it to prominence. NFT is a new market that has grown rapidly. However, there are still many areas to improve. Inheritance Art creates the environment to allow this. It is bringing sophistication and grace to NFTs, providing investors with a unique experience from what they’re used to.

Timeless Masterpieces Bringing Timeless Masterpieces to The Blockchain

Some artworks are worth so much that their current owners would not consider selling them. They are usually in museums or the homes of billionaires. Consider Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. The Louvre, France would not sell this incredible artwork. What if the Mona Lisa could be digitally reconstructed?

Inheritance Art uses the latest technology, along with the finest digital artists to bring these timeless masterpieces to life. They will create digital copies of these pieces by requesting their current owners.

These digital versions of holograms could be used to view them using spatial reality displays. Inheritance Arts would incorporate two-dimensional NFTs that are intelligent and capable of natural languages processing into robust databases. These pieces can be used to communicate with people. It is far more advanced than any interactive digital asset in this space.

What is Inheritance Art?

Vincent Peters, the chief designer for Inheritance art and the brain behind the platform is Vincent Peters. West Point graduate Vincent Peters studied systems engineering, and has graduate certificates from Oxford and MIT Sloan. Vincent had previously worked for Elon Musk’s SpaceX and Starlink companies and is also the Chief Design at the Rex Mundi sports analytics platform.

Vincent’s background in the art industry runs deep as he has established multiple private galleries in Los Angeles where he has showcased the future where Inheritance brings memories to life. He had been urged to make the transition into NFTs by several people who wanted better representations of art in this space. The result was Inheritance Art.

Vincent’s goal is to introduce fine art into the NFT by creating digitally holographic representations fine art masterpieces. This is a unique opportunity for those looking to see rare and beautiful artworks, but who are not able to reach them.

Inheritance Art is a project that aims to transform space and the future of NFTs. This is an insight into the future art, and how we will be able to experience it.



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