Flickto Announces First Round IDO In Conjunction With KICK.io

Flickto, in association with Cardano launchpad KICK.io has set a date to host its first-round IDO. It is designed to allow citizens to pick the media projects that they wish to have funded. The project takes media funding power from just a few large conglomerates and grants it back to the majority of people. It also allows investors to make money while they do so.

The 27th and 30th of December will be the start date for the first round IDO. Investors will have the opportunity to buy FLICK tokens for $0.009 during this period. This is out of an initial 5,000,000,000 stock of tokens that will go on sale.

Flickto has partnered up with KICK.io to facilitate a transparent and efficient public sale. Participants in Flickto will be able to enjoy some additional benefits from the KICK platform.

KICK tokenholders can purchase FLICK one hour before the public. KICK holders will also be able to “endorse the FLICK IDO and earn a percentage on all FLICK tokens sold during the public sale for doing so.

The opening round will begin at 12:01 GMT+2 on December 27, and end three days later, on December 30, at midnight GMT+2. FLICK tokens will now be available for purchase using ADA. Investors will need to pass KYC verification rounds before they can do this.

Flickto allows you to earn while you invest with Flickto

Flickto, a Cardano-based media funding launchpad is the first of its kind. Users have the unique chance to fund media projects and get rewards. They can also directly sponsor media projects and can keep the distribution royalties earned from their successful projects.

Flickto ISPO is one of the most popular ISPOs in the Cardano ecosystem. In less than two months, the Flickto ISPO has attracted more than 5 million staked ADA. 600 delegators are earning money from this pool. For early delegators, the ISPO provided a 15% return and others are currently enjoying a 5% return on their staked ADA. A stake in Flickto ISPO qualifies the holder for the right to vote in media projects. The more tokens an user has, the more weight they have in the round.

Users can earn additional FLICK tokens through a partnership with VyFinance’s decentralized finance protocol VyFinance. They are allowed to stake their VyFi NFTs at the Flickto ISPO.

Voters are not at risk when voting for projects that fail, but they stand to reap the benefits of all successes. They’re instantly eligible for NFT airdrops associated with the financed media projects, as well as being able to trade FLICK on the open market.

A Roadmap for the Future

Flickto Project is now preparing for its debut platform. The project will fund its first media projects after a successful first round of private funding. These projects are open for community voting and will then be funded to the top-voted projects.

To make FLICK tokens fully tradeable, they will also be listed on various central and decentralized exchanges.


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