I set up a fashion brand in my mum’s house, the hard work was worth it as it now turns over £8m In Revenue

I graduated from school with no A-Levels and I am now a multimillionaire. The journey started three years ago when I founded the men’s clothing brand MAUVAIS in my childhood home. Back then, I was handling everything from the sourcing to the packing and shipping – which caused quite a stir at the local Post Office. I don’t recommend sending 100+ parcels at once! 

Despite the difficulties in those first few months, I persevered. This is what I’d recommend to anyone else starting their own business – perseverance is everything during the first few months (or even years). Lots of people will tell you that what you dream of can’t be done, but my journey is evidence that they’re wrong. 

Within a year, the company had broken £500k, and by year two, we had revenues of over £1.5m. Six full-time employees were hired by me. The business has grown steadily, even through the pandemic. We felt as overwhelmed as anyone else by the pandemic. However, we seized the chance to pivot and allow the business to flourish. 

We didn’t panic, but we started to plan our way through this pandemic. To be able to weather any financial storms ahead, we had to change the fundamentals of our business. We were very lucky to have options that stores that rely solely on a physical presence didn’t have, and began focusing strongly on selling online and key opportunities in that space.

We switched to direct-to consumer and started exploring new markets. Since then, our business has grown in Canada, the USA and Australia. We didn’t have a big budget, so online selling has been a real help as the business grows. 

Instead of spending a fortune, we cut corners in other ways which wouldn’t impact the quality of our products or service. There are many great options for doing this thanks to the internet. 

We were able to increase revenue by staying focused on the DTC model and eliminating any distractions from wholesalers that need a large number of styles in lower quantities.

We also used platforms like Shopify because it didn’t require a bespoke web build that would cost thousands. By partnering with Instagram Influencers we were able to create a conveyor belt of quality content that we can share with our customers.

We now have a large following of fashion lovers and NBA players. Our customers also love the fact that we offer high-end pieces at an affordable price. 

It’s been hard work, but my story shows it’s all worth it in the end. In the next five years, I plan to have expanded the business to a £50m turnover. With the help of my fantastic team, we’re on track to reach this goal and keep developing fantastic products. 

Visit the official website to learn more about this brand https://mauvais.co.uk 

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