How Sho Dewan (@workhap) built a following of 200,000+ sharing career advice

The TikTok community loves the latest dance trends, funny skits from up and coming comedians, but how about quick-hitting career and job search advice? The answer is YES! Meet the face behind the @workhap account sharing viral videos on career advice, job search no-nos, and LinkedIn hacks, Sho Dewan! What began in May 2021 as an easy way to connect to a new audience has now turned to amass 20+ million total views, 180,000+ followers on TikTok and another 30,000+ on LinkedIn.

“I never thought our account could have grown as fast as it has. My goal from the very beginning was just to post a new video every day and try to help clear up some myths in the recruitment industry. Amazing to see the support from so many people today,” says Sho about his TikTok journey. His most watched video now has over 3.8 million views and is a quick 15 second video describing common red flags to look out before signing your job offer. We spoke to him to learn about his process creating his content and how he has built his community in less than six months.

Do something you naturally like to do

Sho has been career coaching for the past decade so it was natural for him to pick up a camera and share advice that he’s been telling clients over the years. And that’s what he also recommends for someone looking to build up their own personal brand on social media. “Do something you actually like to do. If I look back at my own past, I loved talking about recruitment and job search advice even back during my college years. The recruitment process was never a chore for me. I actually loved it,” explains Sho of his background leading to him starting his Career Coaching company, Workhap.

If you don’t naturally love the topic you are talking about, it will be hard for you to maintain the consistency you need to actively post and engage with the community. If you love it, it won’t feel like “work.” It will feel like something you just love to do!

Be consistent even on your bad days

Sho’s goal from the very beginning was to shoot and post at least one video per day. Even six months later, he’s still active on his streak! “Creating videos is more fun for me than anything. I don’t like taking myself and my team too seriously. At the end of the day,  we are just trying to help people enjoy their careers a bit more than they did yesterday. If we do that in our videos, that’s a win,” he says.

He advises all content creators to develop a schedule and stick to it even when life gets in the way. And over time, the process of creating just becomes easier and easier. Sho and his team now have a catalog of over 500 videos and says it’s now second nature to pick up the camera and speak on whatever topic comes to his mind. “There’s never a script before a video, just a few bullet points that I like to remember in my head.”

Find inspiration from others

Sho says one of the first people reached out to and learned from was a mutual friend from college who had created an amazing following on TikTok and went by the username @JackieCaves. “I sent her a DM and said how much I admired her work and connected with her over our alma mater. I was lucky to meet her a few weeks later through Zoom and she’s an awesome supporter of my own content now and vice versa! Friendships are best when they are two sided and I’ve found that from many of my friends I’ve met through TikTok,” says Sho who encourages creators to find their “tribe.”

Of course there is no secret formula to achieving virality on social media but following these three steps is a good start to getting your own brand up and running. Remember that if you’re not having fun, it’s a sign you should be doing something else that lights you up! “The best part of what we do is that we get to help people feel excited again about their careers. I love waking up excited to get to work, and I want everyone to feel that feeling too,” says Sho. Hopefully you can feel excited about your content too!

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