How Azaan Subhani Merges Recruitment And Technology To Get The Right People For Your Company

What are the best ways to achieve your business goals. The best way to achieve your business goals is to hire the right people. You only have to choose the person you want to work with. It’s not easy. It is essential to find the right people for the job and the company culture.

Azaan Subhani, a recruitment consultant knows the importance of finding the right people to work for you. Low employee retention rates can impact productivity and organizational performance. Azaan said that this could cause an increase in operational costs because you’ll be investing more money to hire new talents.

Azaan acts as Marlin Strafe’s managing director. Marlin Strafe is a company that assists many companies in finding the most talented employees. He uses technology with his team to help connect businesses and organizations to modern unicorns.

Today’s recruitment practice

Azaan noted that today’s recruitment system is not suitable for modern times. His comments included that COVID-19 changed the way we think about human resources and that the current hiring practices of older companies don’t conform to the new paradigm.

The current hiring process, he explained, is similar to a CV or resume harvesting operation. For example, I am looking for a Director in Medical Affairs. There will be five to six different staffing agencies. They will get resumes of potential talent and I will pay them. He added that they would email me those resumes.

Azaan explained that they get paid as soon as the transaction is complete. It’s very profitable for agencies to send poor candidates, he said. Most agents believe that it takes 60-90 days to get a candidate. Many cases have been presented in which they interviewed someone. They look fantastic on paper and they are hired. But after three months, it’s gone. You will have to pay the recruiting fee once or twice more in order for new talent,” he said.

Azaan has noticed one thing since he started in the recruiting space: the low barriers to entry of agencies. He added, “Everytime I present my presentations to clients I hear that most recruitment agencies have a low barrier to entry.”

Azaan noted that many clients tell him they don’t care about their business. Agency staff gather resumes to send the clients. When they receive the cash from the bank, they are done. “They don’t often care about the retention rate of candidates,” he stated.

His explanation continued, stating that the agencies send out candidates for clients in hopes they’ll leave within three to four months to be able to send another candidate to them.

A New Standard

Today’s people see the value of employment in a different way than it was in past decades. Back in the past, employment was considered a privilege. Today, being employed is no longer a privilege. Azaan said that COVID-19 proved to a lot people that it was worth their time.

Many companies have trouble convincing employees to come back to their worksite. Azaan stated that many businesses now prefer a hybrid or remote work arrangement. This is what I’ve seen all the time. Candidate are no longer willing to work at-site. They will not accept a 50% increase in salary, he said.

AzaanWe spoke about a candidate with a chance to earn $400,000 while working on the site. He declined the offer to work on site and chose remote work for $200,000 It is no longer necessary to travel to work. It’s obsolete and it won’t return,” he said.

How to Hire the Best People

AzaanMarlin Schare is the platform that can break the cycle of recruiting and prevent hiring the wrong person. “Our tool, Strafe Search®, can help you save money by reducing employee turnover. It can also repair the hidden damage caused by using outdated hiring methods or old-fashioned recruiters,” he added. A failed recruitment process could lead to low morale in the team and lower productivity.

The technology is already being used across many industries. So why not utilize it for employee retention. Strafe Search® is the result of merging recruitment and technology,” Azaan said.

He said that the cloud-based solutions, multiple loads of psychometric tests, and behavioral analysis and testing used in their platform make it the best tool for any organization’s hiring process.

AzaanThey conduct extensive market mapping to find all potential candidates in this industry. Then, they do a rigorous pre-screening that narrows down their list to four to six candidates. “But these candidates are perfectly suited to perform the role. There is no need to look through an extensive list. It is possible to choose from a small number of candidates. It reduces the time to complete the hiring process,” he added.

“Our process is so refined that we can guarantee you that 96% of the candidates we place are still in employment 12 months later,” Azaan said.

Move Forward

Azaan invites organizations to use Strafe Search® to find suitable candidates and better employee retention. If you are interested in hiring the right people, you should try Strafe Search®. Their website is available. a message to the address below.