Having Plants at Home is Now Easier than Ever with the Respira Smart Garden

This innovative product eliminates the need to care for your plants. The Respira Air system can be self-lit, self-feeding and self-watering. If you’re like the majority of people in North America, you may have added a few houseplants to your collection over the duration of the pandemic. The market has seen a rise of houseplant sales in recent years, with the average increase in purchases increasing by nearly 400%. It is important to remember that houseplants are delicate and require lots of attention.

Respira’s smart garden takes all the work out of indoor gardening by automating it. The garden can be planted without soil hydroponically. It allows plants to soak up the nutrients and water they need, while leaving behind the rest. 

Users have the option to create custom lighting plans based upon the type of plant and natural light available. You can monitor the whole system from any location by using the Respira mobile application. This app will notify you when additional attention is needed.

Respira helps improve the indoor environment’s health by providing natural, sustainable indoor air purification. Traditional air purifiers require that you change your filters once a month. The filters you have to throw away are thrown out with the rest. Each year, more than 12,000 tons worth of disposable air filters land in landfills. Respira designed a reusable filter for its system. While the pre-filter collects smaller particles and dust, the garden performs the remaining purification steps. Respira eliminates many household chemicals from the indoor air by using biofiltration. This is an organic, natural process that can purify your air. It also becomes more specific for your home.

For the best user experience, various sensors are fitted to the system. These sensors monitor the growth conditions in the garden and offer feedback on indoor air quality. These information are available to users via the Respira App as well as the system.

Respira Package 

You can choose from one of four preset plant palettes when you buy a Respira unit. If you’re already an advanced gardener and have a few favorite hydroponic cuttings, you can also use your own plants and design a custom palette. If customers want more control over where their vertical gardens will be displayed, they can add the accessory grow light depending on how much natural light is available.

Respira offers additional add-ons to complete its package. These include a customized watering jug that can be used as an irrigation jug and Respira clippers for maintenance.

Respira is a big advocate of a self-sustaining garden that users can plant their hydroponic cuttings into, but they also offer the option for customers to purchase new palettes throughout the year and the season. Respira is currently looking to expand their already-designed plant palettes in order to provide more options that will suit every customer’s garden style and preferences. 

Nature indoors: Benefits

The pandemic caused a surge in the popularity of houseplants. It provided people with a way to connect and have fun, but the real benefits of indoor plants go beyond this. Plants can help improve mental health and general wellness, even if the plants are only present in an indoor environment. The journal published a study. “Urban Forestry and Urban Greening” even found that houseplants brought “emotional benefits” to 74% of the people in their survey. Respira allows customers to experience the benefits of natural beauty from their home.

This system is sure to bring greater attention to smart cities and sustainable development. And this is just the beginning of this young, driven company. You can follow their path and find your own smart garden through the links provided.

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