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The chief investment officer of asset management firm Guggenheim, Scott Minerd, says that the current market has delivered “the greatest investing opportunity of a generation.” He also warned about some investments that he expects to decline further.

Guggenheim’s Scott Minerd on ‘the Greatest Investing Opportunity of a Generation’

Scott Minerd (CIO of Guggenheim Partners) shared his views on Monday in tweets.

Minerd also serves as the chair of Guggenheim Investments. This is Guggenheim Partners’ global investment management and advisory division. Guggenheim Investments manages approximately $325 billion of assets across equity and fixed income.

Guggenheim CIO:

This market is offering perhaps the most attractive investment opportunity in a generation. Bonds from good companies were trading in the 80s.

“Downside is they pay off at par, upside is they hand over the keys,” he added.

Noting that “Investors should look to bonds of otherwise good companies issued at much lower rates that have traded down,” Minerd cautioned:

Traditional private equity, which is vulnerable to more declines in stocks, is not the best place.

Jeffrey Gundlach is another well-known investor that recently recommended bonds. He’s bearish on the equity market, expecting that the S&P 500 to fall 20% by mid-October. “Buy long-term Treasurys,” he advised, suggesting that investors dive into long-term U.S. debt securities. Gundlach also spoke out against the possibility of deflation.

Elon Musk CEO at Tesla, and Cathie wood CEO at Ark Invest have both expressed concern about the U.S.’s economy. However, Joe Biden is positive about the economy and noted that inflation hasn’t risen for several months.

JPMorgan recently advised investors that they invest in value stocks, while Goldman Sachs suggested commodities. Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki has warned that Fed rate hikes will destroy the U.S. economy, advising people to invest in “real money,” naming gold, silver, and bitcoin. Investors should get in on crypto before the worst crash in history.

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