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PRESS RELEASE. Zug, Switzerland, 13ThJanuary 20, 2222GAIMIN, a leading company in gaming technology, announces the release of a metaverse environment and plug-in that allows blockchain technology to be integrated into Minecraft.

GAIMIN is a technology and gaming platform. It delivers NFT and blockchain technology to game developers and gamers. Gamers can also passively earn rewards by analyzing their gaming computer’s processing power. GAIMIN is a Windows-based platform that allows users to create rewards as they play. GAIMIN’s “P2E 2.0″, the next evolution in play to earn (where you earn even when you are not playing!) platform utilises the processing power in a gamers high performance PC to access GAIMIN’s distributed data processing network and generate rewards for the gamer in the form of GAIMIN’s GMRX token. These rewards can be used to acquire in-game assets, in the form of NFTs from GAIMIN’s marketplace or converted to other crypto or fiat currencies when GMRX is imminently launched on crypto exchanges.

GAIMIN’s Minecraft plug-in delivers a dedicated metaverse for GAIMIN’s Minecraft players and enables these gamers to utilise NFTs and blockchain based components within Minecraft and thus benefit from any NFT investments they make, utilising their GMRX rewards to acquire assets. The blockchain technology allows gamers the ability to store, trade, rent, and stake NFT assets in games that use it. This ensures these assets can be re-used across all games and within the GAIMIN ecosystem.

Martin Speight, CEO of GAIMIN explained, “GAIMIN is a gaming and technology company. GAIMIN was created for gamers, by gamers. We successfully demonstrated our technology in 2021 to make use of the GPU’s processing power on a gaming computer. This generates revenue and rewards gamers for using their devices. Our gaming platform was developed to allow users to redeem their rewards while playing games.

Joseph Turner, GAIMIN’s Chief Gaming Officer, stated “Minecraft is our first target for blockchain and gaming technology. Our Metaverse for Minecraft is based entirely on NFT and blockchain technology. Minecraft gamers have access to the GAIMIN platform and can use it to play Minecraft.

Martin concluded, “Minecraft is our first target for blockchain and gaming technology. The technology is being developed to enable developers who use Unreal Game to exploit blockchain and NFTs within Unreal Games. This will allow interoperability of NFT assets across different gaming ecosystems, allowing gamers to retain their investment in gaming assets which are not lost when a gamer changes games.”

The GAIMIN platform with Minecraft blockchain and NFT updates will be launched in February 2022 following the listing of GAIMIN’s GMRX token. GAIMIN.IO users can register interest to be notified about the platform’s release via the website.


GAIMIN.IO Ltd is a UK-based company that helps gamers make the most of the computing power they have. GAIMIN has created a decentralised data processing network harnessing under utilised processing power typically found in gaming PC’s to create a world-wide decentralised data processing network, delivering “supercomputer” performance.

Free to Download PC-Based Application GAIMIN monetises the under utilised performance through innovative approaches to delivering “supercomputer” level data processing performance from a world-wide network of independent processing devices. While initially focused on blockchain computations and data processing, GAIMIN supports large scale applications such as video rendering.

GAIMIN makes payments in GMRX, its crypto currency. This can be used to purchase on GAIMIN Marketplace NFTs and in-game items, as well as merchandise. It can also be converted into fiat currency or another crypto currency.

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The Americas, Middle East and Australian Pacific – Andrew Faridani, Chief Marketing OfficerGAIMIN is based in Toronto Canada. Contact

UK and Europe – Marc Bray is Director of CommunicationsFor GAIMIN, based in Manchester (UK):



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