From Adversity to Empowerment: Live in Abundance by Overcoming Your Hurdles

It’s easy to say you want to live in abundance, but actions speak louder than words. You will be stuck if you don’t have the intention of changing your situation. If you choose to face your own story of why it isn’t working or why, then this will be your choice. can’t do it, what’s hindering you, or you don’t. And if you don’t, you continue down the path of frustration. Remember, you can’t arrive at your desired destination if you are unwilling to participate in the process or embark on a journey toward it. Therefore, now is the right time to move. 

This piece of advice is from Cody Jefferson. Cody JeffersonEmbrace the Lion is a coaching business that helps men excel in their work and personal lives. He is an entrepreneur and keynote speaker. But, his greatest accomplishment is that he is a father. His skills as a father have helped him navigate his own life in order to give his son what he wanted. He also learned to apply his strengths to helping others.

For those who are curious, he was also a pastor and his ministry time seemed to have been his best. He was actually overworking himself to be the best version possible of himself. In the end, his life was filled with confusion and misplaced power and purpose. He was able to use all the skills he had honed over a decade for spiritual leadership and public speaking and became a catalyst for Kingdom-minded men. 

Be able to face stress and be comfortable

Although stress is inevitable, you can take control of your stress and deal with any stressors. You should never give up on these discomforts. Instead, learn how to embrace the uneasy and find solutions. You will be able to identify the causes of stagnation and find ways to change them.

You have two choices when you are facing difficulties: either let them consume you, or you can shift your focus and get back on the right track. To live abundantly, one must prepare for all the obstacles you will face. He is not asking you to do anything I have not done—to lean into the discomfort of moving forward. You might also want to remember that instead of fighting frustration you can fight for fulfillment. It is possible to rise above difficulties and feel empowered. You need to recognize that the issue may lie in how you approach your efforts.  You should avoid getting lost in the moments of uncertainty and agony.