Flickto Announces First-Ever Public Sale Round On ADAX

Flickto, the Cardano media launchpad, announced today that they will host a public round of ADAX sales. The announcement comes after a highly successful December fundraising round, which marked the close of an extremely successful year for Flickto. Flickto now offers the public an opportunity to be part of a project that is set to revolutionize content creation.

First public round on ADAX

Flickto IDO/public rounds will begin Monday, 10 January in the priority round. Tuesday, 11 January is for everyone else. It will mark the beginning of the public round on the liquidity protocol that facilitates trades in the Cardano ecosystem without custodial or censorship resistance.

Users were eligible for priority rounds if they had at least 1000 ADAX in a locked ADAX Pool. For the first 24hrs before the public round opened, FLICK tokens were sold at a much lower price to these users.

Public sale: Friday 14th January at noon. Priority access users can purchase FLICK tokens starting at $0.009 per token. The general public sale starts at $0.01 per FLICK token. Minimum contribution to the priority round is $50, and the public IDO $10. Up to July 1, 2022 tokens can only be locked for six more months.

ADAX aims eliminate the need for centralized middlemen in order to facilitate token swaps. The execution of smart contract-based trades is faster and more cost effective than those made on the Ethereum network.

Flickto is changing the pace of media financing

Flickto was the Cardano’s first media funding launchpad and broke into DeFi in November 2021. Since then, Flickto’s project has proven itself to be a powerful force in the DeFi scene by breaking down media conglomerates’ long-established monopoly over content production.

Flickto removes the control over which media projects are funded from the hands of conglomerates, and makes it available to everyone. Flickto allows users to stake in their pool and vote for the media content that they want to see funded and produced. This includes YouTube videos and big Box Office releases.

Additionally, sponsors can earn royalties on successful projects. Flickto allows content creators to interact with consumers and supporters to help bring their projects to life.

The FLICK tokens can be earned by voting or staking and they are freely tradeable on the open markets. Flickto ISPO users earn 0.15 FLICK per ADA they hold.

FLICK has been recently added to the Muesliswap Dex where it is freely tradeable on the open markets.

To participate in the Flickto public sale, head over to ​​https://cex.adax.pro/launchpad/flick-ada


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