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Broxus network designers Everscale (ex FreeTON), have opened their Everscale Grants program. Promising IT startups who qualify for the grants will receive professional and financial support.

Everscale has had a very busy November. At the beginning of the project, previously called FreeTON it announced its intention to rebrand as Everscale. These changes were prompted by significant improvements made to the network and the correlated ecosystem.

FreeTON started in continuation of Telegram Open Network, which was now halted. After Telegram stopped developing the Telegram Open Network, it was open-sourced and an enthusiast group, eventually called FreeTON, began to explore the possibilities of the network.

However, developers and community members who were aware of the progress made in network development decided that the project was now something more than ever and needed a new name. The name Everscale was chosen as it reflects one of the network’s most advantageous features, namely, its infinite scalability.

The whole Everscale project is just over a couple of years old, but the rebranding has come as excitement is building up for some of the network’s new and upcoming products. Broxus, Everscale developer, recently announced that the Everscale Bridge would activate its DAO protocol. It will then be completely controlled and managed by the community. This bridge connects the Everscale network with other tokens and blockchains. It offers layer-2 access to users, allowing them faster and cheaper transactions.

Broxus is now sharing more information, which will be especially relevant to Everscale community members who are not yet a member. Broxus launched the Everscale Grants Program, which provides financial and professional support to tech startup entrepreneurs who meet certain criteria.

Everscale Grants: Why should you apply?

For smaller startup founders with vision and talent but need liquidity to help them get the job done, the Everscale Grants program can be a great program. Based on the applicant’s project, the grants program will provide it with the financial support it needs to finish an MVP or significant milestone. Broxus, the Everscale native token, has allocated 15 million EVERs to be distributed among companies who are accepted.

Everscale Grants has allocated 15,000,000 EVERs to support cutting-edge IT initiatives

Grant recipients will receive guidance and support on every front, in addition to financial resources. Everscale developers are available to help with integration of new projects in the blockchain. The community can also provide support for marketing new platforms.

The opportunity to be integrated in an early manner in one of the best DeFi projects is perhaps even more appealing than that. While it’s still early for Everscale but the brand rebranding signals that the wheels are in motion, they have already begun to move. The network currently has many products that contribute to its economy. These include the Bridge, Broxus-powered DEX and a dedicated iOS and Android compatible wallet.

Successful applicants will get the support they need in order to be successful in the DeFi process. You can read the guidelines and apply for this grant here.

About Everscale

Everscale, an innovative blockchain design, proposes a decentralized and scalable world computer that is coupled with a distributed operating platform. Ever OS is the platform that powers this network. This platform can handle millions of transactions every second and has decentralized interfaces.

Everscale has unique features such as distributed programming, dynamic multithreading and soft majority consensus. These properties allow it to scale, be fast, secure, and easy to use. Through Soft Majority voting protocol, it is managed by a decentralized group that was founded on meritocratic principles.

Everscale provides powerful development tools such as C++ and Solidity compilers. It also has client libraries that can be ported to over 20 languages. A range of decentralized wallets and browsers allows for many application in the DeFi, NFT and tokenization domains.

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