Acquires Latin American Crypto Investment Platform Sesocio – Finance Bitcoin News acquired Sesocio, an Argentina-based investment platform. This acquisition was made public on November 30. According to the firm, the acquisition will give the company’s global workforce an aggregate headcount of 400 employees worldwide.’s Global Headcount Grows to 400 After Acquiring the Crypto Investment Platform Sesocio

At the end of March, raised $300 million and the firm’s post valuation swelled to $5.2 billion. In August,’s CFO Macrina Kgil discussed how the company has surpassed $1 trillion in cryptocurrency transactions. Kgil revealed further that could go public in just 18 months and disclosed that it had BTC as well as ETH listed on its balance sheets. Benjamin Reeves and Nicolas Cary founded the crypto firm in 2011. On Tuesday, Peter Smith revealed that they have acquired Sesocio, a Latin American crypto investing platform. stated that the company has made an impact in Brazil, Chile and Colombia. Similar to the recent Coinbase announcement, detailing the acquisition of Unbound Security would lead to a presence in Israel, notes there will be a “physical presence” in the Latin American countries, “by opening offices and local hiring.” The Luxembourg-based company’s announcement notes that the team’s focus will be toward making cryptocurrency solutions easier and more accessible for the unbanked.

“Latin America presents one of the largest growth opportunities in crypto over the coming decade,” Peter Smith,’s CEO said in a statement. “Millions have already seen inflation at its worst, new currencies emerge out of thin air, and experienced political instability – creating a favorable environment for crypto. With the Sesocio team, we aim to provide every Latin American with access to a global crypto platform,” Smith added.’s acquisition follows the firm’s deal with the bitcoin mining firm Griid Infrastructure. Griid announced to the media on November 23 that it had secured $525 million from also acquired Storm Inc. (a consumer startup), Magic Carpet Investments, and Aix artificial intelligence (AI), this year.

“We’re extremely proud of what we’ve been able to build in the Latin America market and the growth we’ve seen as a business thus far,” Guido Quaranta, Sesocio’s co-founder and CEO said. “I am confident that Sesocio will thrive in this next chapter of our journey. Together with, we will pioneer a new age of increased crypto accessibility in Latin America and beyond.”

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