Despite the Drop in Crypto Prices, Weekly NFT Sales Reach $4.7 Billion, Increasing 81% – Market Updates Bitcoin News

Crypto markets have lost billions over the past seven days but non-fungible token assets sales are up 81% from last week. According to statistics, $4.7 billion was settled by NFT buyers in 7 days. Ethereum also saw an increase in NFT volume.

Despite the recent decline in crypto market prices, NFT sales remain strong

This week, Bitcoin and many other digital assets suffered severe losses in spot market value as compared to the U.S. Dollar and other fiat currencies. NFT sales are still on the rise with $4.7 Billion in transactions since last Wednesday, despite all of the turmoil surrounding crypto.

NFT sales in the past week across approximately 10 blockchain networks reached $2.5 billion worldwide. stats show that NFT sales volumes have increased by 81.4% in the past seven days.

Despite the Drop in Crypto Prices, Weekly NFT Sales Reach $4.7 Billion, Increasing 81%
According to statistics from, NFT sales were reported as of January 22nd 2022.

Of the 10 blockchains, Ethereum saw sales jump 84.04% while Ronin NFT sales rose by 29.99%. Solana (the third largest) and Flow (the fourth largest in NFT sales), saw sales decline this week.

Solana NFT Sales are at 10.26%. Flow NFT Sales have fallen by 13.17%. However, the biggest drop in NFT sales was Polygon’s 23.57% drop this past week. Theta experienced a decrease in sales, however it lost only 4.56%. Binance Smart Chain (BSC), which saw a 279.67% rise in sales over the seven days, had the greatest increase with 7-day sales.

Terraforms and Meebits Rule, while older NFT Projects drop off the weekly sales ladder

The NFT collection Meebits was the number one contender for NFT sales last week and is still the case this week. Meebits sales increased 104.40% in the past seven days to $1.9billion.

Last week, Terraforms recorded $1.2 billion sales. This is an increase of more than 298%. Loot also saw $468 million in sales. That’s 79% higher than last week. The Cryptophunks V2 sale are up 88% and Azuki NFTs sales have increased by over 141%. Bored Ape Yacht Club, once one of the top NFT sellers in America (BAYC), has had its sales fall. BAYC has seen sales drop by 34% over the past 7 days.

Mutant Ape Yacht Club sales increased more than 4%, but MAYC’s NFT collection dropped to the tenth most popular after it was a top-five contender. Furthermore, The Sandbox NFT sales have decreased by over 31% after the metaverse project’s significant rise two weeks ago.

NFT market and sales overall have been able to stop the cryptocurrency market turmoil that crypto assets are currently experiencing. These funds are less valuable but still purchase NFTs in large numbers. The NFT industry is profitable at a billion dollars.

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