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Ruja Ignatova was reported to have been alerted by police about the investigation into Onecoin’s scam. The ‘Cryptoqueen’ has been on the run for several years, wanted by law enforcement agencies around the world.

The Onecoin Mastermind Discovered What Arrest Efforts Look Like From Podcast Secrets

A media report has shed light on how Onecoin’s founder Ruja Ignatova may have been warned about the plans to detain her months before she disappeared almost five years ago. That’s according to files seen by the BBC, which airs a podcast devoted to the story of the infamous fugitive called ‘The Missing Cryptoqueen.’

Frank Schneider (a former intelligence officer in Luxembourg who was once a trusted advisor to Ignatova) showed the documents to Ignatova. He is currently being extradited to the U.S. to face his role in the Ponzi scheme. Schneider denied obtaining the files. He claimed he got them via Ruja, but the metadata shows that she obtained them through contacts in Bulgaria.

Interpol, Europol and FBI are looking for Ignatova (a 42-year old Bulgarian-born woman) who allegedly misappropriated $4 billion from investors. Last seen by Interpol, Europol and the FBI on October 25, 2017, as she boarded Ryanair’s flight to Athens. According to media reports, the Greek police attempted to find her based on recent information from the country.

According to the BBC, the police files contain presentations made during a meeting on “Operation Satellite” at Europol’s headquarters in The Hague held on March 15, 2017. Representatives from the FBI and U.S. Department of Justice attended the meeting. There were also representatives from the U.K. and the Netherlands as well as officers from Bulgaria, Germany, Dubai, Dubai and the Netherlands.

They discussed details of the investigation into crypto pyramids, as well as unsuccessful attempts of City of London Police officers to interview Ignatova. While the FBI refused to comment on Europol documents however, Paul Roberts, Special Agent with the FBI told the podcast.

There were many investigations into Onecoin, as well as into her in the rest of the world. She had been made aware of some of them by law enforcement officers from other countries.

U.S. authorities claimed that Schneider provided confidential information to the Cryptoqueen in 2019. However, he insists that “when the Bulgarians participated at certain Europol meetings, it only took hours for her to get a complete rundown and get the minutes of what was said in those meetings.”

U.S. law enforcement authorities took part at the meeting in March 2017. The Dubai Police also refrained from commenting. Europol, which said it’s looking into the matter, stated that “This complex scenario with many stakeholders makes it difficult to assess where and how such an incident might have occurred.”

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