Crypto Fight Club Completes Successful Seed Round

One NFT-implemented fighting title is poised to rise above the rest as play-to–earn games enter the market. Their website has been launched, along with a whitepaper in the last few months. This game is now a success. It has raised nearly $3M through a variety of highly-respected investment funds. 

Crypto Fight Club’s Investors: Rounding Out The Team

Crypto Fight Club’s (CFC), looks to be well placed to grab a market share in play-to-earn, especially after its latest seed financing. CFC raised $2,775,000 from major investors, including Shima Capital, GenBlock Ventures & subsidiary D12, AU21, x21, Everse Capital, and The Ring. 

Shima Capital is a blockchain-powered investment company that will support Crypto Fight Club in a variety of areas, including HR and major crypto connections. 

GenesisBlock Ventures has contributed more than $2B to the cryptocurrency market. D12, a subsidiary of GenesisBlock Ventures is forming a leading-edge team in crypto investment. CFC will have a partner who will lead marketing activities and assist with other important venture goals. Everse Capital is also available to support CFC’s marketing plans and serve as a strategic adviser. 

CFC is not unfamiliar with AU21, especially when it comes to GameFi games. x21 can also help with partnerships, particularly those that are made by market makers or other partners in marketing. 

One Fighter, Supported By A Broader Team

CFC has created a community to help raise successful fighters. These seed investors are joining a growing number of CFC partners, such as MohrWolfe and Gamestarter. 

CFC and Click.Blue work together to develop a concise and clean web design. This will allow for a cleaner UI for CFC platforms. MohrWolfe manages marketing, business development, as well as blockchain development for the title. MohrWolfe’s team was a key facilitator of the seed round funding. Gamestarter has been a leading NFT-gaming platform in the industry and brings unique skills to the CFC team. This includes marketing, game development, fundraising and the preparation for the public round. Gamestarter serves as the primary launchpad for this title and will manage the public round. 

CFC is rapidly gaining popularity as an easy-to-earn play-to earn title. It has a roadmap which includes a $FIGHT token platform-dedicated, unique fighter attributes, and stake capabilities for platform token holders. 

Keep in mind that the first rule for Crypto Fight Club’s is that you must not be a criminal. AlwaysTalk about Crypto Fight Club. The blockbuster NFT sale launches on December 26th. There are plenty of things for NFT collectors, gamers and fighters alike. For all the latest news, stay tuned

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