Crypto ATMs – The Future of Currency Exchange

The current exchange percentages that are attached to ATM machines are often covered through a system of banking conglomerates. Other fees will drive the consumer up a wall. The idea of charging a transaction fee is the funding premise built-in to an ATM. With modern banking accounts and checking systems being routed to this honing beckon, the user can access their personal funds in a matter of seconds. The future of ATM developments trails to a new perspective that has been sweeping the nation over the past few years. Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin are the formats of digital currency that is being sold and bought at an alarming rate. Termed as one of the greatest forms of fluctuation amongst all levels of currency, the Bitcoin has gained a following due to word of mouth influence and the takeover being brought on in the digital age. Companies have capitalized on the success that the Bitcoin has funded throughout the world of digital exchange. CoinFlip is a crypto agency that is changing the way we exchange and buy this cryptocurrency.

According to, CoinFlip has placed different ATMs across the nation. The careful placement allows for major cities and areas of influence to view the current market for Bitcoin and other currencies. The machine is designed to apply the proper exchange rate in a real-time setting. Most of the exchanges that came from the world of Bitcoin would have to be done via an online marketplace, often lacking the security terms needed to fund peace of mind. CoinFlip has erased this problem for the consumer by creating in-person machines that handle the proper exchange rates and carry the lowest fees for your trade-in. These machines also have the capability to allow the user to buy from different digital currency types. Currently, the company features 7 different types that are available for buying, selling or trading. CoinFlip takes a small portion of the transaction to cover the exchange rates and fees associated with ATM transactions. Being that these transactions are done with digital currencies, the company is able to offer a lower percentage yield than most banking institutions. This is helping to draw focus to the world of digital currency and is gaining traction across different hot spots of the United States, and provide local bitcoin purchasing options to users.

The ATM works through the use of a cellular connection, transferring QR codes and bar codes for the user to input from their personal devices. According to, this plan of action helps to reduce the threat of an insecure exchange, creating that peace of mind that people desire when transferring money. This secure system comes with coded information and passwords that must be input by the user. Adding the human element into the digital experience is a security measure that will not soon be rivaled. CoinFlip checks all of the boxes when it comes to future endeavors within this market type. They are already operating ahead of the demand curve and their machines become smarter by the day. Investing in Bitcoin and other digital currencies has never been easier thanks to the developments being placed by the CoinFlip brand.