CFX – an overview and introduction

CFX is the fastest and most reliable way to move CFX tokens all over the world.  CryptoFXForinvest gives the people the chance to increase their financial income without sacrificing their time with their family due to the increased work load.  Today with Blockchain security and online revolution, millions of people can achieve great results with only a minimal effort on their part.

CFX are building a new world which starts with the devastation of the one before so that they may be in a position to support billions of clients.  Clients can start a new life when they understand and believe that it is possible to transform this world that we live in.  They understand it ourselves independently.

All the owners of the cryptocurrency issued by the Blockchain can take part in the creation of the Sentiment Index. Later they will obtain a remuneration for their contribution.  A small effort by the mass will result in a massive difference being felt.

The creation of a Sentiment Index on world markets, with the introduction of Blockchain technology makes this possible for the first time on world markets.  CFX Sentiment represents real and pure sentiment which is expressed by participants and non-participants alike.

CFX and security token

Their reaction is important as it influences the behaviour of the operators but unfortunately it is expensive to measure and often difficult to decipher. The fastest and most reliable to do this is with CFX Token with the help of thousands of CFX token owners from all over the world.

Security Token ERC20 gives every owner a dividend on the company’s return on the internal and the external funds which are managed with its HATS Software (20% of gross margin + 70% of internal funds ROI).  This Security Token is Ethereum blockchain based and gives its owners the possibility to communicate their own sentiment on the Markets.  By merely clicking a App on smartphone it is possible to earn money bonuses for the contribution of currencies, cryptocurrencies, gold and others.

CFX Security Tokens are negotiable for 60 days from STO (Security Token Offer) and any public or recognized exchange.  Each owner will have a lock-up period before this time which will guarantee that all owners are not eligible to dump prices at the initial phase of negotiation as can be done with other coins.