BLOCKS: Industry Agnosticity in Blockchain

BLOCKS, a decentralized autonomous organisation that is innovative and offers solutions in blockchain to businesses that are looking to change their way of doing business. BLOCKS’ core purpose is to revolutionize companies and allow them to benefit from the blockchain technology that has been referred as the future in finance. The company’s primary goal is to transfer existing and traditional businesses onto the blockchain.

Thanks to blockchain, the business world is experiencing a major transformation. This technology is continually evolving, and it’s only logical that companies tap into this new world of evolution to compete and better the services rendered to customers/clients.

The technology has made automation so efficient that it is now possible to do everything without human intervention. The concept of decentralization has made blockchain even more effective. Businesses don’t need to depend on human endeavors to implement a decision or carry out a task. Technology has enabled tasks to be performed quickly and efficiently in a distributed manner. Blockchain has opened up new opportunities for businesses, but not all have.

Globally, more than 80% are stuck with the outdated infrastructures that are slowly fading away. They will lose customers to companies that use more flexible blockchain solutions. As a Blockchain agnostic, the BLOCKS intends to help these companies and industries to get onboard by offering scalable, fast, secure, and reliable solutions for improving automation. Enterprises can use its solutions to interact with blockchain to facilitate transactions.

BLOCKS Agnosticism

Blockchain has enabled the development of numerous DeFi applications that cater to various uses cases. However, most applications currently are tailored for specific industries and uses. This leaves the app unable to adjust to changes in the ecosystem.

It is one of many issues that businesses using blockchain solutions in DeFi are currently facing. Interoperability is a major problem with many blockchain solutions. That is, they can’t effectively communicate with other blockchains and facilitate interaction between different ledger technologies. Agnostic Blockchain solutions will help a company move in the right direction, allowing flexibility and interactivity between various ledger technology.

Blockchain is an emerging technology, which implies that it isn’t developed fully yet. Like many other digital technologies, it will evolve over time. Instead of relying on one ledger technology and investing huge amounts of resources in developing more, companies should seek out solutions that enable interaction between them all.

This is the BLOCKS solution. This solution can be used for multiple purposes, so companies have the flexibility to use the technology that best suits them at any given moment. It maximizes efficiency and reduces complexity. This also saves money on building new solutions for other use cases.

BLOCKS seeks to revolutionize the way companies interact with blockchains by offering a solution that solves the trilemma – speed, security, and scalability. An autonomous entity is a simplified infrastructure which makes it easy for companies to seamlessly join the Web3 network. This allows businesses from different industries to interact with blockchains and improve the organization.

BLOCKS As a Decentralized Autonomous Organization

BLOCKS is based on peer-to–peer software, which empowers a group to make decisions regarding shared resources or funding. It’s the world’s first registered DAO LLC, backed by the regulatory laws of Wyoming. DAO developed from a self-governing entity to becoming a progressive, decentralized autonomous organization.

The organization is fully democratic. Each member can have a voice in how the organisation is run. It’s based on transparency, decentralization and openness. BLOCKS is giving grants to entertainment, automotive and defense industries.

You can join the community by purchasing either 300,000.00 $BLOCKS tokens, or one million $BLOCKS tokens. For The Silver tier membership, 300,000 $BLOCKS tokens are required. One million tokens is necessary to qualify. You can vote for an ambassador you nominate and win free airdrops by becoming a Silver member.

Gold stakeholders enjoy the privilege of being elected ambassadors. Ambassadors can meet with the BLOCKS Team to review proposals and take action that will impact the organization. Additionally, members have the chance to buy tokens at a reduced price. Uniswap allows you to purchase $BLOCKS.


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