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Cleanspark, a sustainability-focused bitcoin mining company, has announced it will kick-start a 20 MW initiative in its Norcross bitcoin mining facility where miners will be cooled via immersion. This facility will accommodate more than 5,900 miners. They will then be submerged in tanks filled with a biodegradable fluid. Cleanspark says this will enable them to conserve energy and improve the mining hashrate.

Cleanspark will use Immersion Cooling in a New Facility

Cleanspark, a sustainability-focused bitcoin mining company, announced it will start shifting to the use of alternative, more efficient methods of cooling its miners. It announced that it has established a 20 MW immersion cooling program in its Norcross bitcoin mining plant. Cleanspark is one of the first companies to use such technology.

Cleanspark will arrange nearly 6,000 miners who will be submerged into 180 tanks of liquid that will be distributed throughout the mining area. Cleanspark does not need to retrofit equipment in order to fit the tanks. Immersion cooling is a benefit. Each tank will contain 33 Antminer S19j Professional miners.

According to PR statements, this move will enable the company to improve performance of the miners while also saving energy by reducing its power consumption by 20%.

Immersion cooling Picking up steam

Even though liquid cooling isn’t new to the mining industry (some small-scale miners are able to construct their own immersion mine systems), it is now becoming more practical to use this method in bigger mining operations. Because these businesses can reap the rewards of this technology being implemented in their already existing data centers, it is important to note that they are now able to enjoy many advantages.

Zach Bradford, Cleanspark CEO stated:

Our operations are continuously improving in order to be more efficient and sustainable. We also strive for maximum productivity. It was an easy decision to deploy a cool technology that does not harm the environment and also boosts the profitability of bitcoin mining operations.

This company bought the Norfolk datacenter in August and is hoping that the initiative can be constructed before the end. It isn’t the first time that large mining corporations have used immersion cooling in recent projects. Riot Blockchain is a Nasdaq listed mining company that recently said it would use immersion cooling to cool half the new Texas facility. There are 46K miners in this operation.

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